'Zero stress to lose weight': can you really lose weight without dieting?

In his book Zero constraint to lose weight: Above all, do not diet!, Dr. Jimmy Mohamed reveals 39 tips for losing weight without dieting. We tell you everything about these small simple gestures that would allow you to lose weight effortlessly!

"Zéro contrainte pour maigrir" : peut-on vraiment perdre du poids sans faire de régime ?

'Zero constraints to lose weight. Above all, do not go on a diet!' by Dr. Jimmy Mohamed, is the hot new book. A real success since its launch, this book promotes the idea that going on a diet is not at all the right solution for losing weight . The author refers instead to the food rebalancing, through simple tips and small daily actions to achieve weight loss success. Decryption.

Who is Jimmy Mohammad?

Jimmy Mohamed is a general practitioner. Columnist at health magazine on France 5 and host of Hello doctor on France Bleu, he has also been writing for several years. 'Zero constraints to lose weight. Above all, do not go on a diet!' is his third book. A social media star, he has over 970,000 followers on his Instagram account and over 1.3 million fans on TikTok.

What are the 39 tips for losing weight?

Throughout the pages, we do not discover menu type or foods to simply cross off your shopping list, but rather tips to follow on a daily basis. Among a few clichés, there are accessible tips that deserve a closer look.

1. Sport has never and will never make you lose weight

In his book, Dr. Jimmy Mohamed does not hesitate to question many rules that were thought to be proven for successful weight loss. Concerning sport for example, he explains: 'You lose pounds when you practice a sport only when you are in a calorie deficit.' before adding: 'Forget the idea that you will eliminate the excesses of everyday life by going for a run'. Yeah the activity physics is essential to be in good health, it is not enough, alone, to lose weight.

2. Drinking water makes you lose weight p.38

According to a study put forward by the author, drinking 500ml of water increases the metabolic rate by 30% which would mean that drinking 2 glasses of water would increase energy expenditure, i.e. calorie expenditure without doing anything.

3. Breakfast is not mandatory

Do not force yourself to eat breakfast if you are not hungry. It is not a mandatory meal despite what we have heard for years. And prefer salty rather than sweet to eat in the morning.

4. Master the cooking of starches

Did you know that the more a food is cooked, the higher its sugar level? So be sure to cook your pasta or rice al dente, this will allow you to gain less weight.

5. The benefits of flaxseeds

The studies are unanimous, the flax seeds have an appetite suppressant effect . They are good for your health because they are rich in essential fatty acids so do not hesitate to add them to your homemade dishes.

6. Two spoons of vinegar to burn calories

In his book, the author invites us to consume a salad vinaigrette daily at each meal to losing weight . He goes even further by stating: 'The consumption of vinegar, without changing anything in your diet, can make you lose 2.5 kg on average in three months.' And this, thanks to the presence of enzyme in its composition which is responsible for the combustion of energy.

7. Do a chromium cure to regulate sugar cravings

If none dietary supplement effective on weight loss, Dr. Jimmy Mohamed discusses the particularity of chrome , an essential trace element for the body. It seems that chromium has several benefits such as smoothing insulin and blood sugar spikes while regulating hunger pangs, snacking and sugar cravings.

What is the perfect plate to lose weight?

To lose weight and achieve success food rebalancing , it is essential to do your shopping well. Start by establishing a precise shopping list by varying the foods as much as possible so as not to get tired of your diet too quickly. No food is prohibited. To compose your plate, nothing could be simpler, half must include vegetables, whole grains (bulgur, quinoa, brown rice, wheat...) must represent 1/4 while the last quarter must contain proteins.


By following these 39 easy tips, the author claims that you will lose weight without constraint, and above all, without dieting. Let's not forget that many studies show that more than half of the weight lost after a diet will be regained within 2 years.

Source journaldesfemmes.fr