Zazie facing death: 'I had something a little heavy, with operations'

Guest of the program 'Tell me what you sing' on Europe 1, Zazie returned to this near-death experience lived a long time ago and which upset her vision of life.

  Zazie facing death: 'J'ai eu un truc un peu lourd, avec des opérations"

At the microphone of Didier Barbelivien on the waves of Europe 1, this Sunday, October 16, 2022, the Zazie singer commented on the remarks, often sexist, that she had to undergo in her debut before returning to her near-death experience that she lived, when she was only 10 years old.

Zazie, this disease from which she suffered as a child

Suffering from a lymphangioma, a lymphatic malformation , when she was a child, Zazie has to undergo many operations . A disease that she says she does not regret, quite the contrary. ' When I was 10, I was lucky, because it's lucky to have an illness, something a little heavy with operations and a lot of trouble waking up. I had a very precise awareness that you can break your pipe “, says Zazie on the waves of Europe 1.

This near-death experience told by Zazie

A period that she describes as quite ' crazy “since she had a near-death experience at the time of her operation.” They hadn't told me 'be careful, there's something after life called death, that's terrible, that's awful'. You don't say that to a 10-year-old. So suddenly, I experienced some of the first degree sensations thinking to myself it's not bad, you're rather hot, cold, you're less in pain ' . Strengthened by this painful experience, the singer of It was recognizes no longer being afraid of death and enjoying life all the more. ' That is to say that I am not afraid of the end which is called breaking one's pipe, which almost everyone has to suffer. And then, I like the way, what. Finally, in our job, it's really more interesting than the result “, she confided to Didier Barbelivien.

The day she and her daughter came close to death

However, the singer will experience a new trauma a few years later, this time in the company of her daughter Lola. On the evening of the attacks of November 13, 2015, while Zazie and her daughter criss-cross Paris by scooter, they find themselves in the middle of the chaos of the attacks only seconds after the attacks. ' We both scootered past La Bonne Bière, maybe 15 seconds after the shooting. There was a silence on the spot… In the distance we heard the gunshots at Little Cambodia “, she explained in the columns of the Parisian in 2018. Traumatized by the nightmare scenes they witnessed that evening, the mother and daughter had to benefit from psychological support to be able to recover from this trauma.

Zazie back with a new album

If Zazie multiplies confidences lately it is that she is back in the music. The star has released the very first EP of his career carried by the single Let it shine . On his official website, his team comments on this comeback: ' We've been waiting for Zazie's return for 4 years now, since the success of Essenciel, her 10th studio album, worn by Speed ​​and certified platinum. The world has changed a lot since then. It inspired this powerful nocturnal anthem, this hypnotic manifesto, this heartbeat: Let it shine, Zazie's new single. So here is a piece of intimate and universal life, thought of as a true ode to the light that is always reborn, to the spark of madness that exists in everyone and makes everything possible... as long as we have a ray of the moon left. Let it shine. '