Zazie bought a house in Brittany: secrets about her life far from Paris

To the delight of her fans, singer Zazie is back with... an EP! The very first of her career, she who has always released full albums. The star made confidences on this occasion in the pages of the newspaper 'Le Parisien' and revealed to have bought a house in Brittany.

  Zazie bought a house in Brittany: secrets about her life far from Paris

' I like more paris...' , sang a few years ago Thomas Dutronc. With the pandemic, real estate prices and cleanliness concerns, many are fleeing to the province. The singer Zazie is part of. The star, who is making his musical comeback with an EP carried by the title Let It Shine , confided on September 23, 2022 in the pages of Parisian . The opportunity to discover that she now lives part of the year in Brittany.

Zazie bought a house, why did she choose Brittany?

While the South is a privileged destination because of the sun and the sea, Zazie has opted for Brittany. The star, now 58, justifies herself on this choice with the Parisian : ' After the first confinement, I bought a house there. I wanted the tip of a spike. There's a lighthouse, the sea all around, it's blowing, it's changing colors every five seconds, it's beautiful! I took my piano there and set it up with a view of the bay. The problem is that as soon as I do three notes, I think it's great, but when I do them again in Paris, it's not the same thing. '

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Zazie aspires to a calm life, she thought about quitting the job!

Happy to sail between Paris and Brittany, Zazie no longer puts any pressure on herself. Asked about show business, which requires constant energy, the interpreter of the hits Peace Street , Rodeo , I am a man or I send waltz admitted to having already thought about quitting. ' But completely! I have already wanted to quit this job ten times. Not the music, never, but this job as it is, where you have to be a sales rep yourself. I go very little on the networks, just on Instagram to do 'Télé Zazie' on tour, but that's all (...) If it's not us, 58-year-old singers and others, who can inject another way to do it, it's not the little young people who are lost, who believe that the more they are on Instagram and the more it will work, who will do it. But views are not sales. I already told my label that I will never be on TikTok. I did it to advertise The Voice [she returns in the next season, the 12th, on TF1, editor's note], but it's contractual ', she says.

What other stars live so far from Paris?

If it is easier to live in the capital to pursue a career in show business, several stars do not hesitate to put their suitcases elsewhere. This is the case of the singer Julien Doré who moved to the Cévennes , from his colleague Benjamin Biolay who spends part of the year in Sète or the actress Laura Smet who chose to live in Cap-Ferret where she has Pascal Obispo as a neighbor. Recently, the swimmer Camille Lacourt revealed that she left Paris for the South with his companion Alice Detollenaere and the comedian Florence Foresti for her part admitted that she found it more and more ' hard ' to live in Paris , she who lives in the Marais district. Will she take the leap of a move?