Yvan Attal celebrates his 58th birthday: his relationship with Charlotte Gainsbourg, his son, his eye, his films... know everything!

The actor blows out his 58th candle this Wednesday, January 4, 2023! The opportunity to look into the life and career of Yvan Attal. Discover everything there is to know from his films to his relationship with his partner Charlotte Gainsbourg.

  Yvan Attal celebrates his 58th birthday: his relationship with Charlotte Gainsbourg, his son, his eye, his films... know everything!

Actor Yvan Attal celebrates his 58th birthday! Born on January 4, 1965 in Tel Aviv, Israel, the director and actor is currently playing in Teacher(s) , a film by Bruno Chiche and Joseph Cedar, in theaters since December 7, 2022. The only son of a watchmaker father and a stay-at-home mother, of Sephardic Jewish origin from Algeria, he grew up in Créteil in the Val- de-Marne. At 20 years, in 1985, he took comedy lessons at the prestigious Cours Florent in Paris and began his acting career in the theater in 1988, in the play Biloxi Blues . His success is dazzling and he obtains the César Award for Best Actor for his role in A world without pity in 1990 , in addition to being nominated five times since.

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What are Yvan Attal's films?

His first big success in the cinema earned him the César for best actor for the film A world without pity by Éric Rochant in 1989, where he played the role of a squatter friend of Hippolyte Girardot. He also starred in:

  • human things , 2021
  • my stupid dog , 2019
  • Le Brio , 2017
  • Crazy Raid , 2016
  • Rush Hour , 1998

In addition to acting in feature films, he also devotes himself to short films and the production and scriptwriting of films, such as My wife is an actress in 2001 or Do Not Disturb in 2012.

Who did Yvan Attal overtake?

The actor has also done dubbing for American actors. Four times, he interprets the French voice of Tom Cruise to Mission Impossible 2 (2000), Minority Report (2002), Vanilla Sky (2001) and Eyes Wide Shu t (1999). He also embodies that of James McAvoy in Penelope (2006).

The couple of Charlotte Gainsbourg and Yvan Attal

This makes 32 years that Yvan Attal shares his life with Charlotte Gainsbourg . The singer was only 19 years old and had just lost her father Serge when she began her long relationship with the actor in 1991. The couple quickly moved in together and never left each other. And yet, three decades and three children later and they are still not married. In 2018, in the show Hello earthlings , Yvan Attal explained that he had already asked for the hand of his lover, but ' She does not want to. No, but she doesn't want anything! She wants to stay like that, she doesn't want to change anything “, he confided. A few years ago, Charlotte Gainsbourg had also made some confidences to Vanity Fair . ' The idea that he's considering it is what convinced me. Well, I'm glad it's his idea. ', most ' me, I'm superstitious: I tell myself that we lasted twenty-two years without being married, I'm very afraid of what we provoke ' , she confessed.

Who are Yvan Attal's children?

With his longtime partner, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Yvan Attal had three children, Ben Attal in 1997, Alice Attal in 2002 and Jo Attal in 2011 . The small family appears to be very complicit, especially when Alice and her mother participated together in the Comptoir des Cotonniers advertising campaign in 2015 and 2016. The small tribe also shares photos together on social networks from time to time.

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His eye, his ear: the complexes of Yvan Attal

One of Yvan Attal's eyelids falls on his eye and it has not escaped anyone. In 2014, on the show Hello earthlings , he explains everything: So... I had a tumor, a tumor in my throat, and they operated on me. They damaged a small nerve, the sympathetic nerve, which holds the eyelid and my eyelid fell '. In addition, he confides with other complexes, he does not like ' his calves ' and adds that in his ear he has' an ass ', because it's split in two .

His relationship with Sandrine Kiberlain

The two actors met during the competitions of the Conservatory of Dramatic Art and had a little love affair . In December 2022, Sandrine Kiberlain confided in her relationships with our colleagues from Society , she tells : ' Yvan was not taken to the Conservatory, but he quickly broke into the cinema, he was one of my first fiancés , I was next to him when he won the César. I even fell out of my chair '. The artists stayed in touch and even found each other in The Patriots in 1994.

What is the relationship between Gabriel Attal and Yvan Attal?

Despite the fact that the actor and the politician share the same last name, they are not, however, related. . Yvan Attal has no brother or cousin. The Attal surname is very common and other celebrities bear it without being from the same family, such as the French director and actor Alain Attal, born in 1959.

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