Your complete galettes will be impossible to miss with this recipe from Cyril Lignac

Making buckwheat pancakes is child's play by following chef Cyril Lignac's recipe: discover his tips!

 Your complete galettes will be impossible to miss with this recipe from Cyril Lignac

The listeners of RTL voted: Their favorite regional dish is full pancake ! Cyril Lignac therefore shared on the radio his inescapable recipe to prepare at home this Breton specialty widely acclaimed by gourmets all over France. We can only support their choice and take advantage of it to prepare appetizing buckwheat pancakes ham-cheese-egg , which will delight young and old alike! The chef revealed his trick to get a elastic and unbreakable pancake dough . Check it out below.

The ingredients of Cyril Lignac's complete galette

Here is the list of essential ingredients to prepare a ham-cheese-egg galette for 1 person :

  • Buckwheat flour
  • 2 eggs
  • Cheese
  • Lukewarm water
  • Ham

The preparation of Cyril Lignac's complete galette

Here are the steps to follow to prepare a delicious buckwheat pancake at home, ready in 15 minutes:

  1. start with the preparation of the dough . In a large bowl, mix the buckwheat flour with a little warm water. Add an egg and whisk to combine the ingredients well. Let stand for 20 minutes.
  2. Proceed to cooking the galette : heat a lightly oiled pancake pan. Pour a ladle of batter and cook until the pancake begins to crisp. Add in the center the ham , the cheese and the egg . Let it cook.
  3. Fold the pancake and brown it on both sides. Place it on a plate and serve hot.

Cyril Lignac's secret to obtain a fluffy and light pancake is add lukewarm water to the dough , avoiding that it is too thick and difficult to cook properly. The chef reminds us that this galette is made from buckwheat flour and therefore sans gluten , making it perfect for people who can't (or want) to eat it. Little more, it can be declined according to tastes: follow your desires, try other fillings!

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