You will never guess the origin of the name of Philippe Etchebest's restaurant!

A little over a year ago, Philippe Etchebest opened his restaurant Maison Nouvelle in Bordeaux. A name that was not chosen at random, find out why.

  You will never guess the'origine du nom du restaurant de Philippe Etchebest !

Choosing the name of a restaurant can be a real headache for a chef. Preferably, choose a title that has not already been used by another restaurateur in the area, but above all think about something that perfectly reflects the identity of the establishment. But for Philippe Etchebest , the choice of the name of his last restaurant, New House, simply flowed from source. We explain why.

Why is Philippe Etchebest's restaurant called Maison Nouvelle?

Today, Philippe Etchebest is at the head of two restaurants in Bordeaux: The Fourth Wall And New House . The name of the first appeared as obvious to the chef. On the website of his establishment, Philippe Etchebest explains: ' The Fourth Wall evokes a well-known expression in the world of theater . One of the first to use it was Denis Diderot: 'Imagine on the edge of the theater a large wall that separates you from the floor; play as if the canvas did not rise'. A logical choice therefore, when you know that the starred restaurant of the Top Chef juror is located within the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux.

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But then, Where does the name come from New House , the second starred establishment of Philippe Etchebest? If the chef had revealed the reasons for his choice last year on his Instagram account – he had even launched a little riddle for his subscribers – the explanation resurfaced this Sunday, February 26 in the show Very very good by François-Régis Gaudry, broadcast on Paris Première. While the journalist, his columnists and the chef are seated for an episode devoted to the Bordeaux region, Philippe Etchebest launches: 'Do you know why New House?'. To which François-Régis Gaudry responds, somewhat haphazardly: ' Is this the translation of Etchebest?'. Bingo! The leader explains that 'Etche' means 'house' in Basque, and 'Beste' means 'the other' or 'the news'. 'It's extraordinary, it's a predestined name', then exclaims the journalist. 'It fell right on hair', confirms Philippe Etchebest.

If you are not lucky enough to be able to go to lunch in these Bordeaux restaurants soon but are fans of the starred chef, know that the new season of Top Chef landed this Wednesday March 1 on M6. Philippe Etchebest, Paul Pairet and Glenn Viel have even already formed their brigades, unlike Hélène Darroze who is cooking up a 'hidden brigade' in the greatest secrecy with a young candidate who will return from the quarter-finals of season 14.