World Pastry Cup: France did not come far from victory

The Pastry World Cup has just ended on the sidelines of Sirha in Lyon. Which country won the cup? In what position did France arrive? Answers.

  Pastry World Cup: France n'est pas passée loin de la victoire

France has moved on to 'that' of victory... This Saturday, January 21, the Japan représenté par Moe Takahashi, Naritoshi Suzuka et Yusaku Shibata, won the World Cup Pastry shop , on the sidelines of Sirha Lyon 2023. The French team, made up of Georges Kousanas (chocolate), Jérémy Massing (sugar) and Jana Lai (ice cream) won the silver medal, while Italy finished 3rd in the competition. Also, Canada was awarded the eco-responsibility prize.

These results close two days of fierce competition. For 10 hours, the 17 competing teams had to perform 42 tasting desserts and 3 artistic pieces around the theme of climate change. Japan convinced the jury, chaired by Pierre Hermé and Cédric Grolet, was particularly seduced by the dessert to share from Japan around the theme of wind and lightness. ' The level of the competition rises from edition to edition, as evidenced by the tight results, comments Pierre Hermé, President of the World Pastry Cup . It is with great emotion that we award this first prize to Japan, a customary country of the podium, which finds the first step of the podium 16 years later. .' ' I found the candidates passionate, which is very satisfying as a pastry chef, complete Cedric Grolet , Honorary President of the competition . I would like to thank all the people who have come to work here for making me rediscover this beautiful profession which is changing every day in terms of physical and technical tastings. '

What were the World Pastry Cup events?

This year, the competing teams competed on the theme of climate change . Each team had 10 hours to make 42 tasting desserts and 3 artistic pieces before presenting them to the jury. Here are all the achievements produced:

  • 3 whole cakes to share with Valrhona 'Pure Origine' chocolates + 1 dummy
  • 3 frozen entremets with Capfruit fruit purées + 1 dummy
  • 26 popsicles (new event introduced in 2022) + 10 dummy, whose only constraint is to respect the 'finger food' dimension to be tasted in one bite
  • 10 restaurant desserts (new event introduced for the 2021 Final) featuring Debic dairy products
  • 1 chocolate art piece, 165 cm including base
  • 1 sugar art piece, 165 cm including base
  • 1 sculpted water ice art piece, 50cm base included

Which teams were in the running?

This year, 18 teams were in the running for the World Pastry Cup . Each consisted of a chocolatier, a sugar expert, and a master ice cream maker. The french team consisted of the chocolatier Georges Kousanas , from the sugar specialist Jeremy Massing and of Jana Lai , ice cream master. Here is the full list of competing countries:

  • Argentine
  • Canada
  • Chili
  • Colombia
  • South Korea
  • Egypt
  • France
  • Ghana
  • Île Maurice
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Morocco
  • Philippines
  • UK
  • Chinese Taipei
  • Tunisia
  • deer

Who were the members of the jury?

The first Jury Dessert from Restaurant , made up of 7 chefs and pastry chefs, French and international, was responsible for evaluating the Restaurant Dessert test:

  • Albert Adria - Enigma* (Barcelone)
  • Aurélie Collomb-Clerc - Flocon de Sel*** (Megève)
  • Sofia Cortina - La Vitrine (Mexico)
  • Nicolas Lambert - Four Seasons (Dubai)
  • Tom Meyer - Granite* (Paris), former Bocuse d'Or France candidate
  • Sebastien Vauxion - SarKara** (Courchevel)
  • Mauro Colagreco - Le Mirazur*** (Menton)

The tasting jury , in charge of evaluating the rest of the achievements, had to note the presentation, the taste, the working techniques, the skills, the respect of the products and the originality of the recipes.

  • Argentine: Néstor Reggiani - La Nueva Muguet (Buenos Aires)
  • Canada: Daniel Hinojosa García - Institute of Tourism and Hospitality of Quebec (Montreal)
  • Chili: Alban Barta - Las Condes (Santiago)
  • Colombia : Paula Reyes - Ambrosia Chocolate + Art (Bogotá)
  • South Korea : Min Ho Kang - Bread Panda (Incheon)
  • Egypt: Sedhom Reyad Aly - Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski***** (Le Cairo)
  • United States: Andy Chlebana - Joliet Junior College (Joliet)
  • France: Yann Brys - Tourbillon (Paris)
  • Ghana: Melissa Darko - Bake Depot (Accra)
  • Italy : Emmanuele Forcone - Forcone Consulting (Milan)
  • Île Maurice: Sandy Scioli - Long Beach Resort***** (Poste de Flacq)
  • Japon : Takahiro Komai - Henri Charpentier (Tokyo)
  • Kuwait : Sadiqa Esmaeil - Dar Hamad Restaurant (Salmiya)
  • Malaisie : Kean-Chuan Yap - Academy of Pastry and Culinary Arts (Petaling Jaya)
  • Morocco: Kamal Rahal Essoulami - Rahal Group (Casablanca)
  • Philippines : Buddy Trinidad - Pastry Alliance of the Philippines
  • United Kingdom: Denis Dramé - TheTasteLab by Classic Fine Foods (London)
  • Singapore: Desmond Lee - InterContinental Singapore***** (Singapore)
  • Taipei chinois : Kuo-Yi Lee - West Pastry (Taipei)
  • Tunisia: Mahrez Bouali - Maison Augustin (Paris)

This beautiful Pastry World Cup ended with the victory of the Japanese team. France comes 2nd and Italy 3rd.