World Pasta Day: Big Mamma's Truffle Pasta Recipe

October 25 is World Pasta Day! For the occasion, we give you the famous Big Mamma truffle pasta recipe and many other tips to honor the favorite starchy foods of the French.

 World Pasta Day: Big Mamma's Truffle Pasta Recipe

The 'pasta' has the right to its world day! All gourmets can note the date: October 25 honors the pasta . This initiative started in 1995 and comes from the IPO, the International Pasta Organization. This day is ideal to remember how ubiquitous this product is in our homes, in a thousand and one forms. October 25 also highlights novelties and flagship dishes of this product present in the four corners of the world . Whether bolognese, carbonara, au gratin or garnished, pasta appeals to all gourmets. It is also the solution to dinners without ideas , because the 'pasta' always gives free rein to everyone's creativity and imagination while delighting young and old.

Big Mamma's truffle pasta recipe

In restaurants, pasta can also be used to taste more luxurious dishes while respecting your budget . perfect example with the pasta scams of the Big Mamma restaurant chain . This dish is one of customer favorites and for good reason ! We reveal the recipe for redoing them at home, in complete comfort, without having to stand in the (long) queue in front of one of the restaurants ...

The use of linguine or mafaldine is ideal in this recipe. While in length, these types of pasta are perfect with light sauces that do not contain heavy elements such as minced meat. What better way to appreciate this fabulous and tasty dish. Wrap your pasta around the fork and enjoy this recipe that you can also find in the book Big Mom published by Marabout editions.

Tips for successful pasta every time

To enjoy perfectly cooked pasta, find the sauce that will delight your family the most or better yet, make your homemade pasta, we give you our best advice and gourmet ideas in terms of pasta. Wake up the Italian mamma in you!