Work assignment on M6: Stéphane Plaza comes to lend a hand to Laurent Jacquet for season 2!

Good news for fans of the show hosted by outstanding craftsman Laurent Jacquet. Mission works - my house is a construction site is back and Stéphane Plaza will also be there. Reminder of the concept, next broadcast, replay and registration for the casting? We tell you everything!

  Work assignment on M6: Stéphane Plaza comes to lend a hand to Laurent Jacquet for season 2!

[Updated Nov 22, 2022 5:15 PM] More and more, the French take a passion for the renovation and that, M6 understood it well! Aware of our enthusiasm, more than ever increased, for DIY following the confinements, the generalization of teleworking and the desire to be better at home, last February, M6 launched Mission works - my house is a construction site ! Yet driven by values ​​of mutual aid and benevolence, the program was deemed sexist by some internet users. Never mind and since two expertises are always better than one, the favorite animator of the French aka Stephane Plaza joins Laurent Jacquet for two new numbers , four families in difficulty. What's in store for Season 2? Here's what we already know!

What is the concept of the show Work assignment ?

Inflation, shortage of materials, miscalculation of the budget, inability to finish what has been started, overwhelmed craftsmen, lack of time or loss of motivation... There are many reasons that can make getting the work done a real nightmare! It is to all those individuals overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task and whose house is no more than a vast construction site that the program Mission works - my house is a construction site addresses.

Helped by its shock team, made up of craftsmen and craftswomen specialized in their field - Mélanie and Aline the painters, Thomas and Sarah the tilers, Jérôme the plasterer, Bertrand and Thomas the carpenters and Aldo and Samantha the plumbers - the works expert Laurent Jacquet, now accompanied by Stéphane Plaza, will come to the rescue of families in trouble to help them complete their own project. With a lot of advice, practical tips, good plans and well-felt phrases, he will provide them with the keys they lacked and train them to become real pros. At work !

What release date for the next issue of Work assignment ?

The first issue of Season 2 of Mission works - my house is a construction site will air on Monday, December 12, 2022 at 9:10 p.m. on M6 . According to the first images that we could see, Mission works - my house is a construction site promises a new season rich in emotions , with a Laurent Jacquet ready to do anything, even to raise his voice if necessary, to help individuals in the midst of a crisis and a schoolboy Stéphane Plaza and always ready to get his hands dirty.

Why was the show called sexist on Twitter?

Despite a great audience success achieved during the first broadcast - 2.2 million viewers with a peak of 2.5 million - Mission works - my house is a construction site had divided. Deemed sexist by some Internet users, as evidenced by the anthology of tweets below, the show was therefore not unanimous. What shocked them? The fact that the wives of the first show blamed it all on their better half, blaming their husbands for not doing the jobs they promised them... A very awkward way, however 'reflection of reality' defends M6, to convey the old-fashioned cliché of the handyman man and the woman spectator in sum. So, what if we said instead 'shared fault, totally forgiven'?

Who is Laurent Jacquet, new host of M6?

With more than 25 years in the construction industry, Laurent Jacquet had everything to please M6 casting managers. Spotted on YouTube where he has worked since 2016, this versatile craftsman, plumber-heating engineer passionate about renovation likes to share his experience on his LJVS channel and soon on your small screen . Dynamic and spontaneous, Laurent Jacquet is THE pro of the site who (finally) meets the deadlines that the families who participate in the program will need. And no construction site will resist it!

How to review Work assignment in replay?

Whether you missed the prime time broadcast or just wanted to watch replay of the latest broadcast of Mission works - my house is a construction site , know that it was available online on 6play for 7 days after it aired . After this time, you can find the last broadcast of Mission works - my house is a construction site on MyCanal and we will let you know the date of a possible rebroadcast on M6 as soon as we have it.

How is the casting registration going?

If you too are having difficulty completing your project, if your life project is at an impasse, don't wait any longer and send your application in a few clicks to the M6 ​​teams to participate in the show. If you are selected to participate in Mission Works - my house is a construction site and we wish you - you will be contacted directly by the show's production team. If so, consider your application unfortunately unsuccessful.