Wish: the new Disney animated film unveiled to the public

For its hundredth anniversary, Disney has announced the release of a new animated film called Wish. The scenario will be very special for the occasion.

 Wish: the new movie'animation Disney dévoilé au public

The Disney studios have not finished marveling us on screen. During the D23 convention which was recently held in California, and which honors all the universes of the firm with big ears (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars ), Disney has revealed its new plans for the coming years, including the upcoming release of a brand new animated film, named Wish . This project is part of a very specific approach. In 2023, The Walt Disney Company , founded in 1923 by two brothers Walt and Roy Oliver Disney, will celebrate its hundredth anniversary . One hundred candles that the famous studios intend to immortalize. For the occasion, the first images of the feature film were unveiled to fans and the public during the biannual convention.

What is the synopsis of the animated movie Wish?

The animated movie Wish will be one of a kind. The plot will focus on Asha, a young 17-year-old girl, of a rather optimistic and determined nature, who lives in a kingdom where all wishes can come true. She will have to go on a quest, with the support of Star, a cosmic force and Valentino, a little goat symbolizing the mythical star of Disney (which appears in many films including Pinocchio and The princess and the Frog) . Together they will face the darkness of the Universe and prove that miracles can happen. For this new creation, Disney entrusted the scenario to Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, directors and screenwriters of the saga. Snow Queen . On the technical side, Wish will mix 3D animation with 2D watercolor technique , which uses the codes of traditional animation. It will also be a film carried by the music. In the cast, we will find the artist Ariana DeBose who will lend her voice to the heroine of the film, and for the soundtrack these are the songs composed by Julia Michaels, recently awarded an Oscar for the musical film. West Side Story by Steven Spielberg, who will be in the spotlight. the sort of Wish in the cinema is scheduled for November 2023.

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