Winter Holiday Train Tickets: How to Find the Best Prices?

Since this morning, TGV and Intercités tickets for the months of January and until March 2023 are on sale on the SNCF website and application. The rates for the moment remain unchanged, but a significant increase could take place. So to get the best price, when should you book your train ticket? We take stock.

  Holiday train tickets'hiver : comment trouver les meilleurs prix ?

This Wednesday, November 9, from 6 a.m., SNCF has opened the online sale of its TGV and Intercités train tickets for the beginning of 2023, which includes the winter holidays . A stretching period for the railway company from Tuesday January 3 to Sunday March 26, 2023 . A sale eagerly awaited by families, especially those who have already planned their next ski holiday. Last October, during the holiday season ticket sale, thousands of train journeys were sold simultaneously, '30 tickets per second, the equivalent of 3 TGV every minute' , the company said. Faced with the number of requests, this year, the SNCF has decided to strengthen its offer in certain regions, in particular on the Intercités Nantes-Lyon line, where the frequency of trains will increase soon. Twelve new Ouigo destinations will also be open in December, including Brest, La Rochelle and Perpignan. The sale of Ouigo tickets for 2023 will open from January until July 3. On the fare side, the prices charged remain unchanged and are for some still affordable depending on the destination, but in the future the bill may be higher for travelers. For the moment, nothing is acted but the railway group is already considering a price increase for train tickets for next year , teaches us The Parisian .

How much will train tickets increase in 2023?

With the current economic situation and the rise in energy prices, the group's energy bills have increased considerably in recent months. To face it, the SNCF is seriously considering increasing the prices of TGV and Intercités tickets from January 1, 2023 . The Minister of Transport, Clément Beaune, has already asked the SNCF to work on a 'tariff loop', which must take inflation into account and which must spare low-income households and young people from possible increases. Asked about the subject, government spokesman Olivier Veran said on Wednesday that he was 'it is out of the question that train tickets increase by 8, 9 or 10%' . The reflection on this project should be completed at the end of November.

When to take your train ticket to pay less?

To get train tickets at the best price, you must book as soon as possible. It is from the opening of ticket sales that we can hope to have the best prices. The model is simple, it is based on supply and demand. Thus, as tickets sell out, the prices of the last places on board the trains will increase, especially at the time of the weekend of departure for the Christmas vacation . So if you want to be sure to have your ticket at the right price, it is better to buy it in advance. You can always exchange it if the dates no longer suit you. For TGV INOUI, ticket exchanges and refunds are free, up to three days before departure.

How to get cheaper train tickets?

Besides booking in advance, you can benefit from the advantages of an SNCF subscription, such as the Carte Avantage . For 49 euros a year, it provides 30% reduction on TGV and Intercités for the holder and an accompanying person, and up to 60% for accompanying children. In addition, ticket prices are capped with this subscription, depending on the distance of the journey: less than 1h30 = €39 max, between 1h30 and 3h = €59 max, and for your journeys of more than 3h = €79 max.

What is the cheapest day to buy a ticket?

To pay less for your ticket, you have to know how to be flexible on the day and time you choose for your trip. Indeed, you have certainly already noticed that the price of a train ticket can easily double, if you leave in the afternoon around 4 p.m., at the end of the day, or on Friday before the weekend. . These times correspond to peak hours (return from work, school, etc.), they are more popular than the others. In general, trains that depart very early in the morning, very late or in the middle of the night are often cheaper. Knowing this, it is better prefer to leave by train one day in the middle of the week, in the morning or in the evening. Also on weekends, Saturday morning is often the best time to go.

Bus tickets under 20 euros

Always in the idea of ​​saving money, you can opt for bus tickets. By taking them in advance, they are much cheaper than train tickets. Although the journey time is often longer than by train, the prices are sometimes unbeatable . On the Flixbus site, for example, you can find some trips for less than 20 euros.

Train tickets for the Easter holidays 2023: when will the sale open?

The opening of train ticket sales for the spring break 2023 will take place at the beginning of January. Due to the different dates of these holidays in the three academic zones, it covers a wide period between Monday, March 27 and mid-May. At that time and until July 7, 2023, you can buy your next train connecting rods up to four months in advance.