Wiggings eliminated from Best Pastry Chef 2022

Layer cake specialist Wiggings was eliminated from the Best Pastry Chef 2022 in the first week, then from the Secret Kitchen after two weeks.

  Wiggings eliminated from Best Pastry Chef 2022

[Updated September 15, 12:56 a.m.] Wiggings was, with Carine, the first candidate eliminated from the 11th season of Best Pastry Chef . The two participants, however, integrated the Secret Kitchen, great novelty of this season which will allow one or more candidates to rejoin the adventure. Wiggings having won against Carine, she was able to continue this second competition for another week, before being definitively eliminated by Franklin.

What is Wiggings' background?

Originally from Ghana, Wiggings is a young 25-year-old executive assistant, in love with cooking of all kinds. This resident of Nanterre, near Paris, has a unique first name, since it is written with three 'g': 'he is unique, like me', she says proudly. She also likes to stand out through her hairstyles. Locks, hair up to the buttocks, square… She constantly changes her haircut! Wiggings is the fourth child in a family of six: she has a little sister, a little brother, a big brother and two big sisters. She is therefore not shy when it comes to imposing herself. Useful for the Best Pastry Chef competition… Family is very important to Wiggings. Her mother does not know that she is participating in the culinary competition: 'it's a surprise'. Not being used to showing her feelings, she may shed “a little tear” for the occasion, her daughter secretly hopes. The latter has been baking for 6 years now and specializes in pies and layer cakes. His other passion? Afro dancing, which allowed her to gain self-confidence: “I have been dancing every day since I was little, even if I am tired”. A candidate with multiple talents, pugnacious and dynamic.

His world of pastry

His style in a nutshell? Exotic! Wiggings likes to put flavors from its origins, Ghana, in its baking. We note for example a galette des rois reproducing the shape of the African continent or a banana bread with plantain banana. Wiggings has a penchant for pies and layer cakes. These cakes with different layers or sandwiches are spectacular to say the least. The young candidate can make a classic Oreo layer as well as a geode cake revealing a treasure, an origami cake in the shape of the famous Japanese paper foldings, or a Korean bento cake, a layer cake in small portions. Her tarts are just as appealing: cookie tart, raspberry tart beautifully placed on top, blueberry milk chocolate tart, apple tart Cedric Grolet in the shape of a flower... And on the gourmet side, it ensures with huge cookies, generous donuts, colorful cupcakes or even a caramel cheesecake, speculoos, red fruits. She also knows how to do it elegantly with, for example, a blueberry dessert and banana mousse sprayed with egg white and a disc of speculoos. We want to taste everything!

What is Wiggings Instagram of Best Pastry Chef?

On his WIGGGINS account, which you will find at @wiggings_lmp11 , the young woman publishes photos of her many creations. We can sometimes see her with her cakes, and take the opportunity to admire her new haircuts, but it is her work that is in the spotlight. Majestic layer cakes for a birthday or wedding cake, videos of the preparation of his number cakes, beautiful photo of his half-raspberry and half-apple pie… We admire his talent and the variety of his pastries on his account.

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