Widowed Elise Lucet: the death of her husband Martin, this ordeal that marked her for life

Elise Lucet has been in the hearts of the French for several years now. She remains no less discreet about her private life. We do know that the journalist had to face a tragedy in 2011: the disappearance of her husband Martin.

  Widowed Elise Lucet: the death of her husband Martin, this ordeal that'a marquée à vie

She has been on French television screens for several years. And for good reason, after having held the reins of the JT from 1 p.m. on France 2 until 2016, she is now almost every week on the screens in her investigative programs Cash Investigation and Correspondent , both also broadcast on the antennas of France 2. But she may be very exposed because of her job, we know almost nothing about her private life, which she wants to keep as secret as possible. A tragedy marked his existence...

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What did Martin Bourgeois, husband of Elise Lucet, die of?

Yet she never hid the drama of her life that occurred eleven years ago, when she was 47 years old: the loss of the one she considered the love of her life and with whom she had married in 2006, Martin Bourgeois . Indeed, after months of fighting in the shadows against a leukemia , her antique dealer husband, then 43, was passing away. Leaving behind his wife, and their little girl, Rose, born in February 2007 and aged four at the time.

Her job, the 'spine' d'Elise Lucet

No question then for Elise Lucet to give up. She decides to stay on the air, and even goes so far as to thank her loyal viewers for their support. 'I really wanted to personally thank all of you who sent me a message of support. It was heartwarming. I felt like I had a very, very big family all of a sudden.' , she then said live. In the aftermath, the now 59-year-old told the magazine TV Magazine that his job was 'spine' which had allowed him to remain upright.

Before specifying in the columns of Gala in 2015 that “When we have experienced this kind of thing, we are no longer afraid of much” . And of her daughter Rose, who recently celebrated her fifteenth birthday, she said: 'According to my parents, she looks like me when I was a child. She already has such a character…' . Interviewed by journalists from World a little later, in 2018 precisely, Elise Lucet had once again explained her feelings. 'Such a loss, there are those who have experienced it and those who have not experienced it. We recognize each other' , she said. Before asserting: 'On the one hand, it removes a carelessness, but it recreates another. You better understand what fills you, what interests you. I don't want to talk, I know it can stop tomorrow' .

His clear opinion on current journalism

If she now devotes the vast part of her time to her job, there is one thing that Elise Lucet refuses: watching or joining a news channel continuously.

Questioned by France 5 on the subject in June 2022, she then declared: ' A journalist is someone who goes into the field, who will meet people, who will take risks as we said in Ukraine, who will take risks because he is carrying out a rather tough investigation. . News commentators don't interest me. I want to see real people. I don't want to see journalists talking about real people. I want to hear from people in the field, people who do lots of different jobs .'

Find a new issue of Cash Investigation, this Thursday, October 20, 2022 on France 2 from 9:10 p.m.

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