Why Brigitte Bardot has no sense of family: A look back at her painful history with her son

If she is the head of a large family, Brigitte Bardot has very little contact with her relatives. The ex-actress, who had called her son a 'tumor', had explained the reasons in the columns of Gala.

  Why does Brigitte Bardot'a pas le sens de la famille : retour sur son histoire douloureuse avec son fils

Isolated for several years in her residence at La Madrague, in Saint-Tropez, Brigitte Bardot lives far from film sets, cinema and the star system... but close to its many animals. 'At 9 o'clock, six dogs jump on the bed, lick my apple, crush me, bark their joy to wake me up, it's like in Snow White, it's magic! “, she had explained to Gala in June 2020.
If she enjoys the presence of her four-legged companions, the iconic BB lives apart from friends and family . Regarding her former playing partners, Brigitte Bardot admits that she no longer really has any contacts. ' A bit with Alain Delon , Mylène Demongeot or John Paul Belmondo , but rarely , she says.

His son Nicolas, this 'nightmare', this 'tumor'

A life 'on another planet' which she shares only with her husband since 1992, Bernard d'Ormale. If the 85-year-old actress aspires to stay close to her family, it is not without difficulties. And for good reason : ' My family is scattered, does it relate to Gala . While his younger sister Marie-Jeanne , whom she hasn't seen in over 20 years. lives in Los Angeles, his only son Nicolas, fruit of his love with Jacques Charrier, lives in Norway . An unwanted child she never wanted to see grow up.

' I didn't want to give birth to another human being . I think there are too many on Earth. And they scare me, she confided to World in 2017. Violent words that she already supported in her book Initials BB in 1996. 'It was like a tumor that had fed on me, that I had carried in my swollen flesh, just waiting for the blessed moment when it would finally be rid of me. The nightmare reached its climax, I had to assume for life the object of my misfortune' , could we read.

After the birth, things didn't work out: ' When Nicolas was born in 1960, the hysteria around me... It was madness. The delivery room installed in my house, the photographers behind the windows, those who disguised themselves as doctors to surprise me . There was no privacy “, said the star to Point of view in 2020.' I associated the birth of my son with this trauma . And it was Nicolas who bore the consequences ' , she said in the same interview.

Brigitte Bardot barely knows her granddaughters and great-grandchildren

After years of a non-existent mother-son relationship. the actress and her boy maintain cordial relations today. And if she is grandmother of two granddaughters, Thea, 30, and Anna, 35, and great-grandmother of two grandchildren, ages 7 and 3 , the language barrier prevents him from communicating.

'I am a great-grandmother of descendants who have Norwegian nationality and do not speak French. Contacts are difficult but charming ' , explains Brigitte Bardot to Gala . 'I've only seen them once. They don't speak French. But I really like them. They're beautiful too' , she confided in 2014.

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