Who is Dimitri Droisneau, elected chef of the year?

Dimitri Droisneau, from the Villa Madie restaurant in Cassis, was elected chef of the year by his peers. Discover the biography of this three-star cook.

  Who is Dimitri Droisneau, elected leader of the'année ?

[Updated September 20, 2022 at 11:11 a.m.] 2022 is the year of Dmitri Droisneau. After receiving its third star at Guide Michelin last March for his restaurant The Villa Madie in Cassis, this native of Normandy has just been elected Chef of the Year by his peers.

This prize was awarded to him on Monday, September 19, during the evening of the The Chef Trophies, organized at the Pavillon Gabriel in Paris. Each year, this ceremony celebrates the professions of gastronomy and rewards young talents in the kitchen, but also sommeliers, pastry chefs and chefs. After Christophe Bacquié, Glenn Viel or Mauro Colagreco, it is therefore the turn of Dimitri Droisneau to receive this prestigious prize awarded by his peers. Check out his biography below.

Biography of Dimitri Droisneau

Dimitri Droisneau was born on January 11, 1980 in Evreux, Normandy. Coming from a modest family, where the kitchen occupies a central place, the young man began his apprenticeship at the age of 15 in Michel Canet's hotel-restaurant in Alençon. Dimitri Droisneau then went on to experience in prestigious establishments, such as the Silver tower , the Lucas Carton with Alain Senderens, the Bristol alongside Eric Frechon, the Ambrosia with Bernard Pacaud and the Eden Roc of Saint-Barthélémy, before becoming executive chef of the Beaulieu Reserve , where he meets his future wife Marielle. The latter also has an exemplary career, since she worked at Michel Guerard , Marc Veyrat and Martin Berasategui before arriving at the Beaulieu reserve.

Where is the restaurant La Villa Madie?

In January 2013, Dimitri and Marielle Droisneau took over the Villa Maddie in Cassis , already awarded a star in the Michelin Guide. Only one year after their arrival, the couple won a second star in 2014, then a third in 2022. Located in the cove of Corton, opposite Cap Canaille, the Villa Maddie dominates the Mediterranean with its contemporary architecture and its decoration in pastel and wood tones, calling for calm and serenity.

How to define Dimitri Droisneau's cuisine?

Dimitri Droisneau's cuisine is inspired by surrounding products, with an appetite for iodized and mineral tastes. His dishes follow the movement of the seasons and highlight the wonderful terroir that surrounds the Villa Maddie through carefully selected and prepared products. ' The choice of locality is obvious for Chef Dimitri Droisneau, like the fact that each product hides a producer and that they are the starting point of all good cuisine', specifies the restaurant's website.

What are Dimitri Droisneau's emblematic recipes?

As with all chefs of this ilk, Dimitri Droisneau changes his menu very regularly, with the seasons. But among the examples of dishes to remember are the marinated sardines, aubergine caviar and crispy squid ink ; Norman scallops, marinated in salt then grilled, leek vinaigrette with orange peel; gamberoni rosso with slopes and red mullet, in a broth with marine flavors ; or hare à la royale in ravioli stuffed and cold fat, Armagnac emulsion. Dishes full of delicacy and finesse, which allowed Dimitri Droisneau to win a third star in the Michelin Guide in 2022.

What is Dimitri Droisneau's Instagram?

The Instagram of Dimitri Droisneau is an invitation to gluttony, with its many photos of Villa Madie dishes, but also to sweetness with some family shots, with his wife Marielle and his two children. We discover that the chef is also passionate about diving, which he practices with the Cassis club in the magnificent Calanques.

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