'Which is regrettable...': Elton John banned from a country, he explains and expresses his pain

Icon of pop with planetary hits, Elton John gave his last American concert, on the occasion of his farewell world tour, in Los Angeles. However, at 75, the star has only one regret: not being able to give a concert in a country where he is persona non grata. His farewell tour continues in 2023.

  'Which is unfortunate...': Elton John banned from'un pays, il s'explique et exprime sa peine

Epilogue of his 50 year career, the gigantic farewell tour of Elton John , started in 2018, ended with a final show in the United States where the British singer gave a concert for the very last time at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles.

And for this last American concert of the world tour Farewell Yellow Brick Road , the British pianist and singer had invited prestigious guest stars: Dua Lipa, with whom he performed their recent duet Cold Heart , Kiki Dee or the American singer Brandi Carlile to join him on stage. A very emotional evening for the singer of Don't Go Breaking My Heart who had already given a legendary concert at Dodgers Stadium in Los Angeles in 1975. ' Last night I played my 2001st and last concert of the US tour. I can't thank everyone who participated enough, at Dodger Stadium or at home, for an incredible night. I love you all and you will forever be in my heart. “he wrote on his Instagram account at the end of this magical evening.

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Elton John, this dream that he will never be able to realize

Author of the most memorable songs in rock history, the 75-year-old pop star can be proud of his career. After selling over 300 million albums worldwide, playing over 4,000 concerts in 80 countries, moving the world by singing in 1997 Candle in the Wind at the funeral of princess diana , and worn the most eccentric costumes, Sir Elton John does not sulk his pleasure to soon retire from the spotlight, even admitting to looking forward to spending the rest of his life with his children and her husband David Furnish. However, Elton John confesses to still have a dream to achieve: perform on stage in Egypt .

Elton John Boycotted: Why Can't He Happen in Egypt?

At 75, the future retiree has not realized all his dreams as he confided to the British media Mirror on November 21. ' The only place I have been banned outright is Egypt, which is really unfortunate ', he laments before adding ' I always wanted to play in front of the pyramids '.

The English star has effectively been banned from entering Egyptian soil since 2010, the Egyptian government accusing the singer - engaged in the fight against AIDS through his foundation - for having commented on the treatment of homosexuals in the Middle East. But that's without counting on the rebellious spirit of the star. ' If someone tells me not to do something, I always do it. I'm not going to go to Putin-era Russia without talking about human rights and what's happening to the gay community there. I owe people to do it “, laughs Sir Elton John. So does he intend to defy the ban and sing for the Egyptians? His farewell tour still has dozens of dates in 2023, one more one less …

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