Where to buy, resell and rent baby clothes?

When your baby was born, did you receive items in triplicate or over time the baby clothes became too small? If you want to empty your child's cupboards, you can turn to rental or resale sites. Barter, resale sites, rental platforms, here are our best tips.

  Where to buy, resell and rent baby clothes?

Have you been given way too many clothes and accessories for your child's arrival? Bodysuits, onesies, pajamas, jumpsuits, baby carriers... Since then, your baby has grown up and you don't have to do with all that laundry or childcare accessories that have accumulated. If you're not planning on having more kids, don't have a newborn around, or just want to sort things out, why not resell all these clothes or even rent them ? In addition to helping you make room in your cupboards , it will also allow you to earn some money. Conversely, if you opt for the rental option, you can at the same time find cheap clothes and the size of your child! Flea markets, specialized sites, swaps between parents, empty-dressing room, rental sites... Here are the good plans and the different possibilities available to you, dear parents:

How to rent baby clothes?

On the second-hand baby clothes and accessories rental market, there are many specialized sites, such as Babyloc , which offers its services in the Gard department. The concept is very simple: in a few clicks, you can rent all the childcare and leisure equipment for young children, from birth to 7 years old and receive it at the place of your choice. High chair, mobile bath, deckchair, walker, stroller, bicycle and balance bike for children... The offer is aimed at all families and all parents, for those who are hesitant and who want to test several products before making a purchase, for parents who travel light and want to equip themselves on site, but also for grandparents and relatives who sometimes look after the children.

For children's clothing, there is also recently the platform Camilla and Mathias , who does not offers only second-hand items for rent. The selection is quite sharp, the clothes are branded and intended for children aged 3 to 24 months. The idea is to choose on the site from the list of available clothes (maximum 3 items) and rent them for a minimum of 30 days. Prices for clothes start from 5.50 euros. Once you have made your choice, you will receive your selection at a pick-up point, packed in recycled pouches. You can then decide to keep the business beyond 30 days for a new rental period, or renew your child's wardrobe with a new selection. The offer is non-binding.

How to sell used baby clothes?

More and more online sites specialize in the resale of children's clothing, such as Rose Indigo , of SLIM , of Colorissimômes or potato , of the online sales depots, specialized for children . The concept ? You just need to send the clothes or shoes via a relay point after printing a label on your packaging. The shipping costs are the responsibility of the brand, which pays you upon receipt, if the clothes comply with their quality policy. Check the required criteria (clothes in good condition, clean, brands...). On some sites, non-returned garments can be returned to you if you wish, with postage at your expense.

Jacadi Second Life

Already existing, the platform Jacadi Second Life changes in operation to simplify the life of parents. The initial process is always the same: the parents send the clothes for sale to the site, or they drop them off at the Jacadi store. Then, the products are scrupulously examined to ensure that they correspond to the quality standards of the platform. If accepted, they are immediately purchased by Jacadi Second Life and parents receive an e-gift card, which allows them to no longer wait before recovering the money. More information on www.jacadi-secondevie.com .

Selling by weight

Some sites, like ledressingdhugoetlola.fr , propose to buy back your children's clothes by weight. All you have to do is make an appointment on the site, give some indications on the clothes and then go to a shop. The site buys baby and toddler clothes and accessories from birth to 10 years old. These are common brands (such as Zara, Okaïdi, DPAM...), seasonal and trendy (for children under 5 years old), in excellent condition, clean, washed and ironed for an amount of 5 euros per kilo .

L'appli Vinted

Many parents use the site ou l'appli Vinted for resell baby clothes , but also the toys they no longer use. Convenient and fast, all you have to do is put your photo online as well as a description and the baby's size, and wait for a 'vintie' to contact you and order your item. You can then drop it off, within a week, at one of the relay points near you. Once she has received your package, you will then be paid directly via the Vinted app. Do not hesitate to look at what other Internet users are selling or to exchange your children's clothes.

Sell ​​baby clothes on Le Bon Coin

Ideal for reselling all the articles of your choice by category, whether it is shoes, clothes for children or babies, (used or quality)... Indeed, your clothes will always find a buyer, by someone near you. On this site, Internet users often tend to negotiate. Don't hesitate to offer a slightly higher price, even if it means lowering it if you have to negotiate it. You can also offer clothing bundles depending on baby's size. If you have designer clothes, try to up the ante on Ebay .

Kids O'clock for children from 0 to 10 years old

Created by Laura Roso Vidrequin, buyer and vintage enthusiast, when her son was born in 2019, Kids O'clock is a platform dedicated to purchase and resale of second-hand clothes and accessories for children from 0 to 10 years old . Its principle is simple: all you have to do is upload photos of your items for sale or rent. The platform then performs an online verification to check their compliance and decide if they can participate in promotions or sales. When your previously validated product is sold, all you have to do is package it and send it to the buyer to receive 70% of the proceeds of the sale via the platform!

The Sokyoot app

Because parents are increasingly connected and mobile, the SoKyoot app offers to resell the clothes lying around in the cupboards, in a few clicks. The plus: the geolocation of ads near you, shipment tracking, private messaging to exchange with other parents... You can also resell or buy childcare items. Free application, available on the App Store and Google Play.

Beebs, the French app for second-hand items for children

Arsène Huot and Morgan Hilmi, two young dads, created at the end of 2020 Beebs , the first community-based buying and reselling app dedicated to children's second-hand items . Their ambition: to enable all families to meet the needs of their dear little ones, in a more economical and responsible way, by offering an accessible alternative to buying new. The purchase and resale concern items related to the world of childhood between 0 and 14 years old (clothing, equipment, toys, etc.). To offer a unique experience centered on the needs of parents, the app integrates a social network allowing them to interact, help each other and develop relationships of trust. Available on Google Play and the App Store .

By Bambou, the community wardrobe sale

You can also sell your baby's clothes, from 0 to 10 years old, on the platform By Bamboo . This is a community dressing room specialized in the world of children. You will even find childcare items (bed linen, decoration, strollers, etc.). The pluses: here, the products selected are rather top-of-the-range, and if you don't have time to take care of putting them online and monitoring them, a concierge service takes care of everything, right up to delivery . Once the item is sold, you get 82% of its price (or 65% if you go through the Concierge).

How to participate in baby clothes swaps, where?

You don't yet know the Free Troc Party ? You will definitely succumb to the concept of exchange of clothes between parents of young children (0 to 11 years old) . Each year, they are organized in Paris and throughout France, and bring together barterers who come to do good business without spending a penny. You just need to come with some clothes, toys, shoes or books that you agree to donate. You can then pick from all the second-hand items brought by other parents. To see upcoming events, visit the website paris-friendly.fr . Attention, places are limited, but nothing prevents you from organizing some with your friends!

At H&M, clothes for a voucher

Did you know that as part of its textile product collection program, the H&M brand has been offering since 2013 the recovery of your old clothes for a 5 euro voucher? Immediately usable from 30 euros of purchase, this reduction voucher will be given to you from three items of clothing brought and up to one voucher per day and per person. Other major ready-to-wear brands such as La Halle or Levi's offer recycling operations that will allow you to obtain discounts for the whole family. Find out about the brands that interest you.

Flea markets and garage sales

Check with your town hall in order to reserve a place during the next neighborhood flea market . A good opportunity to sort through your cupboards. Do not expect to make a profit, but rather to empty your cupboards and why not to do good business, with your neighbors.

Consignment sales

After sorting through your belongings, take the baby clothes (washed and ironed) in a consignment near you. The plus: you do not take care of anything until your products are sold. The consignment-sale therefore takes care of the sale, for you. Nevertheless, a significant commission (up to 50%) is deducted from the sale price.

Resell your Ergobaby baby carrier

Ergobaby offers the Everlove program in Europe, which allows parents to give a second life to their elders baby carriers which are no longer used, reselling them to the Ergobaby brand. Once thoroughly cleaned, inspected and repaired, the carriers are put back on sale. Qualified refurbishment, resale with one year warranty: Ergobaby is the only baby carrier manufacturer in Europe to offer this eco-friendly service. Before reselling their baby carrier to Ergobaby , parents should check their eligibility. The brand accepts most carriers that are in good condition, safe to use, and authentic. They can then register on the Ergobaby Europe website to receive a shipping label with which they can ship their carrier to a GLS store location. They then receive a 50 euro voucher code at use on the Ergobaby.eu online store. They can also donate £30 to Save the Children or receive a £20 voucher code to use on Rewards Genius. Through this portal, parents can choose from an array of stores based on their preferences. Site Info ergobaby.eu/everlove.

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