Where does the divine wedding dress worn by Elodie Fontan in Alibi.com 2 come from?

On the poster of the film Alibi.com 2, the actress Elodie Fontan appears in a scene wearing a superb white lace wedding dress, with a pretty neckline. Who is the designer of the wedding dress and the name of the model? Answers.

  D'où vient la divine robe de mariée portée par Elodie Fontan dans Alibi.com 2 ?

In Philippe Lacheau's new film, Alibi.com 2 , in theaters since February 8, 2023, actress Elodie Fontan plays the role of Flo who will soon marry Gregory. In one of the scenes, the future wife walks towards the altar dressed in a resplendent white lace wedding dress . An outfit that seems to have won the heart of the actress since on February 9, 2023 on her Instagram account, Elodie Fontan, 35, shared a photo of the wedding dress she wears in the film. In the caption to her post, she wrote: 'When I listen to the director's instructions and I go a little crazy with my sublime dress' , also revealing the designer of the wedding dress. An opinion shared by Philippe Lacheau, the actress' companion in real life, who told Télé Star: 'I thought she was beautiful! I was touched and moved.'

Who is the designer of Elodie Fontan's wedding dress in Alibi.com 2?

Sur son post Instagram, the actress Elodie Fontan mentioned the name of the wedding dress designer : it is Caroline Takvorian . A French brand launched in 2011 in the heart of Lyon, before settling in Paris. In all her models of wedding dresses, the designer is inspired by the world of Parisian haute couture to make quality, tailor-made dresses in noble and natural materials.

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What is the model of Elodie Fontan's wedding dress in Alibi 2?

The model for the Caroline Takvorian wedding dress worn by Elodie Fontan is the model her . The dress is composed at the top of a long-sleeved top all in Calais-Caudry® lace, with the detail of the slightly puffed sleeves and a pretty V neckline on the front which enhances the chest, without forgetting the back deep nude which is very flattering. At the bottom, there is a fluid petticoat that reveals the legs of the soon-to-be bride thanks to a slit on the side. A delicate belt completes the whole thing to emphasize the waist. Details that make this wedding dress absolutely stunning and unique. The price of the Ella wedding dress is not disclosed.

Ella wedding dress seen in Alibi.com 2

Where to buy the wedding dress seen in Alibi.com 2?

The Ella wedding dress, by Caroline Takvorian, can be tried on and purchased by making an appointment via the email address: [email protected]

► The address of the Parisian boutique: 28, rue Duperré 75009 Paris.
► The address of the Lyon store: 19 Place Tolozan, 69001 Lyon.

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