When tech serves beauty!

What shade suits my skin tone the best? What care ritual should I adopt for my skin? Beauty tech has developed considerably in recent years to offer personalized experiences with tailor-made solutions.

 When tech serves beauty!

Faced with a plethora of cosmetic products, it is not easy to find the treatment that suits us best. Especially since women's expectations are changing and they are looking for new beauty experiences. The power of technology allows them precisely to benefit from ever more specialized services and advice.

Innovative digital services for ultra-personalized care

The innovations designed as part of the beauty tech gave life to new digital services offering a personalized skin diagnosis . This can be done online, via a questionnaire, or in store, with very powerful tools. It is important to know your skin, because depending on age, skin type, exposure to pollution, degree of stress... the needs are not the same.

The time is clearly at ultra-personalization , which has become possible thanks to new technologies such as augmented reality, artificial intelligence, voice recognition, 3D printing... beauty tech of Lancome make it possible to offer women appropriate recommendations for ever more beautiful skin.

Lancôme at the forefront of innovation in skincare

Pioneers in terms of innovation, the Lancôme teams have developed Skin Screen , a futuristic-looking diagnostic tool that performs comprehensive skin analysis using high-performance technology.

The goal: to get to know the skin better and understand its needs, to help women choose a tailored routine. On this same principle, Youth Finder is a portable device that slips into a pocket. This revolutionary instrument performs a precise analysis of the appearance of the skin to assess its hydration, texture, firmness, detect any pigment spots, redness and the appearance of wrinkles. Here too, by knowing your skin better, you can better understand your needs to choose the most appropriate skincare routine. The beauty tech , it's technological innovation, expertise and performance more than ever at the service of radiance, firmness and an even complexion. And we are not at the end of our surprises...

Source journaldesfemmes.fr