When Brigitte Bardot told her clandestine abortions, 'glaucous and unhygienic'

Before giving birth to Nicolas Charrier in 1960, Brigitte Bardot underwent two clandestine abortions and escaped the worst, as Pascal Louvrier recounts in his book Vérités BB.

 When Brigitte Bardot was recounting her clandestine abortions,"glauques et sans hygiène"

It's no secret: Brigitte Bardot never felt the maternal fiber. One of the greatest French icons, which is celebrating its 87 years old on this September 28, gave birth to only one child in 1960, Nicolas, fruit of his love with Jacques Charlier. Far from being a mother hen, the ex-actress even went so far as to compare her pregnancy to a 'tumor' and assured that she would have 'preferred to give birth to a dog' in his autobiography Initials B.B. But in reality, the sex symbol would have especially wished to proceed to a abortion , a then-illegal method she had previously used twice previously and which almost cost him his life...

Brigitte Bardot aborted clandestinely

In his book BB Truths, published in April 2021 and relayed by Gala , Pascal Louvrier says that Brigitte Bardot became pregnant for the first time by her ex-husband  Roger Vadim , at 17 years only, in 1951. But there was no question for the superstar with electrifying curves to see her body round off... So expected on the set of the film Manina, the girl without veils in Corsica, the sublime actress is therefore, in the greatest secrecy, a detour to Megève, in Switzerland, to undergo a clandestine abortion ' in gloomy places, without hygiene'. Banned in France, the right to abortion will only be authorized in 1975 thanks to the fight of Simone Veil... 'The pain she felt was excruciating. She is traumatized. [...] As the beast whose leather is burned with a hot iron , she keeps from this ordeal a panic fear of motherhood ', writes Pascal Louvrier.

Brigitte Bardot ' almost died'

Rebelote a few years later for B.B, who learns that she is pregnant again. Refusing to carry this pregnancy to term despite the trauma of her first abortion, the animal enthusiast flew off to Switzerland where she had an abortion.' at the bottom of an apartment '.
But the operation turns into a nightmare when 'the bleeding turns into hemorrhage '... At the height of her career, Brigitte Bardot was rushed to hospital and saved in extremis after cardiac arrest due to anesthesia.

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