What varieties of dried flowers to adopt?

Out of fashion, wilted flowers are blooming again in our interiors. Indestructible, they are the delight of those for whom the maintenance of indoor plants and them, that's two! Here are 30 ways to invite them home.

Old-fashioned and old-fashioned, flowers dried fruits had gradually deserted the homes of the French. Today, more trendy than ever, they are making a remarkable and noticed comeback. If, at first glance, dried flowers are not the ones that kick you the most - compared to their reputation as a nest of dust that is no longer to be done - know that all it takes is a touch of delicacy to dust them and That's it. No water, no special precautions, faded flowers are the best friends of those who do not have a green thumb . Yes, it doesn't get any easier to maintain!

Another big plus? Their conservation, which, for the most robust, can be counted in years. What to make great savings when you know the price of certain varieties. In bouquets, in a soliflore, an XXL vase, a vintage carafe, suspended or highlighted in revisited herbaria , foliage, branches and other wild flowers bring a touch rustic chic to any ambience. Many plants can be dried to better refresh the interior decoration, here are the main ones: lavender, hydrangea, magnolia, eucalyptus branch, craspedia, heather, wheat, wild herbs and grasses...

Where can I find pretty dried flowers?

  • At the house of Flowrette , dried flowers are queens and become elegant creations to offer
  • In the Sostrene Grene stores
  • At the house of Rosa Cadaques , the dried flowers are sometimes put in bell jars worthy of The beauty and the Beast or shape sublime colorful bouquets
  • At the house of Flow - 39 / 40 / 43 / 52 rue Sainte-Croix de la Bretonnerie 75004 Paris
  • At the house of Pompon Bazar - 15 rue du Chateau d'eau 75010 Paris
  • In the Jardiland stores
Source journaldesfemmes.fr