What is the New York Roll, the new trend taking over the networks?

A new culinary trend has taken over social media in recent weeks: that of the New York Roll! But what is it exactly?

  What'est-ce que le New York Roll, la nouvelle tendance qui envahit les réseaux ?

Unless you live in a cave, you must have seen the New York Roll . Nope ? But if this round and puff pastry , topped with cream and decorated with icing! We tell you everything about this delicacy, from its birth in the United States to its preparation, including the best addresses to find one,

A circular croissant dough

Almost ten years after the rise of the Cronut , this hybrid between a croissant you're a donut imaginé par Dominique Ansell, French pastry chef based in New York, the big apple has once again fallen in love with a pastry as pretty as it is delicious: The Supreme, created in the kitchens of Lafayette Grand Cafe & Bakery. It's about a circular croissant dough garnished with a icing and filled with a custard.

The pastry, which went viral in the United States this summer, quickly caused a sensation on Instagram and TikTok, to the point of landing in France this fall. Renamed New York Roll, this pastry is everywhere on the web and foodie videos are multiplying. Some Parisian bakeries have already adopted the trend and are seeing huge queues forming in front of their shops.

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Where to buy a New York Roll?

If you don't have the courage to embark on the preparation of a New York Roll , two bakeries offer it for sale. Frappe, urban bakery (Paris 11), has been preparing some since the end of September and the shop is always full. Thomas and Solenn, the two young owners, are creating a buzz with their Frappe roll topped with chocolate pastry cream, covered with chocolate icing and hazelnuts. Lately, they even innovated by adding some caramelized popcorn in toppings.

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Another good address to taste a New York Roll : Bo&Mie (Paris 2), famous bakery whose reputation is second to none, and which creates envy with only 30 pastries for sale per day. Hoping that the creation will quickly make the tour of France!

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