What is the French budget for Christmas dinner 2022?

According to a recent study, the average French budget for Christmas dinner 2022 is falling. Do you think you spend as much as respondents? Answer.

 What is the French budget for Christmas dinner 2022?

The Christmas meal can quickly take looks like a money pit . Starters, main course, dessert, bottles... In addition to the gifts to offer, the menu quickly takes on a salty note. So, like every year, polling institutes have looked into the budget that the French were going to devote to the Christmas meal . In this period of inflation, the sum is obviously downgraded compared to 2021. So according to a YouGov study for epicery*. 72% of French people are ready to spend up to 50 euros for their Christmas meal. For more than a third of French people, this budget is therefore lower than that of the previous Christmas .

The French, fans of home delivery

And this year, delivery is making a place for itself in the festive living room of the French: a third of them say they are ready to have the holiday meal delivered . With parents, 53% would consider the possibility of delivery gourmet and fresh products from local shops. As a reminder, in 2021, the credit institution Cofidis had estimated the average French budget for the Christmas meal at 130 euros . At that time already, the sum was revised downwards compared to 2020.

If there is one area where habits do not change, it is the Yule log. Indeed, with regard to cakes and desserts, 52% of the 1064 people surveyed at the end of September 2022 say they want to keep the same budget as in 2021.

*YouGov study conducted on September 28 and 29, 2022 for the grocery store delivery app.Source journaldesfemmes.fr