What is Jurassic Tarte, Mercotte's cake that's creating the buzz?

Fans of the Best Pastry Chef completely fell in love with Mercotte's Jurassic Tarte, seen in the episode 'Back to the Stone Age'. But what is it? And how to prepare it?

  What'est-ce que la Jurassic Tarte, le gâteau de Mercotte qui crée le buzz ?

Yes technical test of Mercotte often provokes the anger of viewers who cry out about food waste, the challenge of this Wednesday, November 9 in The Best Pastry Chef was unanimously accepted for once. During the episode devoted to 'Back to the Stone Age' , the blogger granny asked the candidates to make a Jurassic Tarte . What is it about ? How to make it at home?

What is Jurassic Pie?

Who says Mercotte technical test says many preparations and difficulties at the rendezvous. The Jurassic Tarte indeed consists of about ten tempered chocolate stalagmites and a skeleton of T-rex in meringue hidden under a cocoa crumble. For the rest of cake , you also have to make a sweet cocoa paste, a hazelnut cream and a crunchy hazelnut... Just that! The idea is then to use a brush for an archaeological dig in search of the buried skeleton.

How to prepare the Jurassic Pie?

To realize the Jurassic Tarte at home, you will need a 30x30cm tart square, 2 flat baking sheets, tape, 2 guitar sheets, 8 8cm circles and a 30x30cm gold card. Here is also the list of ingredients to have on hand:

  • For the cocoa sweet paste: 240g of T55 flour, 10g of cocoa powder, 30g of ground almonds, 95g of icing sugar, 1g of fleur de sel, 150g of softened butter, 60g of egg without the shell.
  • For the hazelnut cream: 150g of butter, 150g of sugar, 150g of hazelnut powder, 150g of whole eggs without the shell.
  • For the hazelnut crisp: 75g hazelnuts, 75g sugar, 1g fleur de sel, 100g feuillantine, 30g Caribbean, 20g Azelia.
  • For the cocoa crumble: 150g softened butter, 150g brown sugar, 150g flour, 15g cocoa powder, 150g ground almonds, 1g fleur de sel.
  • For the chocolate ganache: 150g of 35% fat cream, 150g of whole milk, 150g of Caribbean, 150g of Azelia, 45g of glucose, 45g of butter.
  • Pour the meringue: 75g tempered egg whites, 75g sugar 75g icing sugar.
  • For the stalagmites: 200g caraïbes, 200g Dulcey.

For the realization, go to the Mercotte site , which reveals the recipe given to the candidates but also a more detailed version to guide you at home. And above all... 'read the recipe carefully!'

Source journaldesfemmes.fr