What is croffle, the new brunch trend?

Croffee is the food trend of 2022. The concept? A croissant passed through the waffle iron. We explain why and how to make this recipe at home.

 What'est-ce que le croffle, la nouvelle tendance des brunchs ?

The croffle , it is a mix between the croissant and the waffle . The recipe couldn't be simpler and can be made in just a few minutes. The advantage of this new food trend is that croffle comes in many flavors both sweet and savory. In short, this dish will be perfect for your next brunch !

What is croffle?

The term croffle is a cross between the word 'croissant' and the word 'waffle' or waffle in English. It is a variant of the cronut, this hybrid pastry, a mixture of croissant and donut, created by Dominique Ansel.

The croffle would have been imagined by the American media Food and Wine in 2015. It would then have been exported to Dublin in Ireland, then to South Korea where it has become a very popular street food dish.

Today, the croffle is one of food trends flagship of 2022 and conquers all gourmands. Many variations of this recipe have thus emerged on social networks, making it possible to use this dish for both snack and lunch.

What is the recipe for croffle?

The croffle recipe is really very simple, especially if you have already bought a croissant at the bakery. If not, you can make the croissant dough yourself.

Once the croissant, or croissant dough, is in your possession, you can garnish it. You can stuff it with spread, jam, compote, but also avocado, tomatoes, ham, salmon, cheese... It's up to you whether you prefer to garnish the croffle before or after cooking.

Then heat your waffle iron and oil it. Place the croissant and close the device. Let cook for a few minutes.

You will have made croffes in just 5 minutes! You can taste them with a bit of fresh fruit, yogurt, melted chocolate or a fried egg. Good tasting !

Source journaldesfemmes.fr