What if we were interested in the secrets of the microbiome?

Preventing the signs of aging and reducing them: this is a major concern for a very large number of women. What if the answer lies in the ability to rebalance the skin's microbiome?

  What if l'on s'intéressait aux secrets du microbiome ?

But what exactly is the microbiome? This is the scientific name that cosmetologists give to the skin flora . The skin has its own microbiome: a living ecosystem made up of microorganisms – mainly bacteria – forming an integral part of its surface. We now know that these bacteria are beneficial both for our health and for the appearance of our skin. As incredible as it may seem, our body contains 50% human cells and 50% bacterial cells.

All human beings have a skin microbiome unique , in the same way that we have our own DNA or fingerprint. The microbiome evolves with age, and can be disturbed by our lifestyle and our environment (external aggressions, pollution, UV rays, stress, medication, unbalanced diet, etc.).

By studying it further, the researchers found that women living in a polluted environment and showing signs of premature aging (such as wrinkles and age spots) have a skin microbiome signature close to that of older women. elderly. Hence the importance of preserving its balance, because although it is unique, it is not invincible.

The microbiome protects, regulates and repairs

The microbiome plays an essential role. And even several! First, it protects against pathogens by releasing antioxidant proteins. It is in a way the first line of defense between our skin and our environment. Furthermore, the microbiome has a regulatory function , as microorganisms communicate with our skin cells and modulate inflammation. Finally, he has restorative virtues promoting recovery and consolidation of the skin barrier. The balance of the microbiome is unquestionably a determining factor for healthy skin. Conversely, in the event of an imbalance, it risks no longer fully assuming its role, the skin then becoming more vulnerable.

Lancôme, at the forefront of microbiome science

Lancôme has therefore created a new formula to strengthen the skin microbiome. Her serum Advanced Génifique , which has become iconic, has recently been enriched with a unique complex of 7 prebiotics and probiotic fractions. As a result, the skin's ten signs of youth are reactivated: reduced wrinkles and fine lines, more radiant skin, a clearer and more even complexion, smoother skin texture, skin that regains its elasticity, bounce, tone and tone. firmness.

'We know that the science of the microbiome holds limitless possibilities for skin health and care. We are proud to launch the new Advanced Génifique , the result of recent discoveries on the skin microbiome and research carried out by our teams, in collaboration with the greatest international experts' , explains Françoise Lehmann, President of Lancôme International.

A patented self-loading pipette helps ensure the exact dose is delivered. In one bottle, skin is strengthened and regains a more youthful appearance as it recovers 77% faster. Recognized for its effectiveness, this serum has received more than 170 awards since its launch. No wonder 25 million bottles have been sold worldwide, that's one every six seconds!

Source journaldesfemmes.fr