What does a phoenix tattoo mean?

Known to be reborn from its ashes, the phoenix is ​​a legendary bird that has fascinated for millennia. What does a phoenix tattoo mean? Where to place it and what style to adopt? Response items.

  What does a phoenix tattoo mean?

Also spelled ' phoenix ', the phoenix is ​​a sacred bird with magnificent colorful plumage, red, gold, purple and blue. Living at least 500 years, it could not reproduce because there was only one phoenix at a time. So, when he felt his end coming, the bird built a nest of aromatic branches and incense and naturally caught fire there to then be reborn from its ashes. rebirth and immortality , the phoenix also has many meanings depending on the cultures in which it appears. So before getting a phoenix tattoo, here's what you need to know about its origins and symbolism.

What are the meanings of a phoenix tattoo?

The origin of phoenix dates back to ancient Egypt: legend has it that the newborn phoenix carried the ashes of his father in an egg coated with myrrh to Egypt, in the temple of the sun, to be solemnly burned. This is how the phoenix was associated with Ra, the egyptian sun god . The phoenix then symbolizes rebirth and immortality.

At the origin of Chinese mythology, there were two phoenixes: a female named Feng and a male named Huang. It was in the Yuan Dynasty that the two terms merged to become Fenghuang, the chinese phoenix . Similar to a dragon, the Fenghuang was linked to the royal family: the dragon was associated with the emperor, while the phoenix was the emblem of the empress. The Chinese phoenix then symbolized marital harmony, as well as Yin and Yang. Moreover, it was a wise and peaceful bird, harmless to the point of feeding only on the morning dew. Of an unequaled kindness, the Chinese phoenix also represented grace, justice and love.

In the Christian religion, faith in the resurrection of christ is fundamental. The Church Fathers then used the legend of the phoenix to support this idea, drawing a parallel between the mystical bird and Jesus Christ. Thus, in The First Epistle of Clement, Bishop Clement of Rome mentioned this legendary bird.

Where to place a phoenix tattoo?

Before taking the plunge, it is important to choose the type of phoenix that you want to get tattooed. Because it's a flamboyant bird, it's often inked with its beautiful, vibrant colors, but it's also possible to opt for a classic version in black. Next comes the choice of style: Japanese, naturally , mandala or geometric.

As for the perfect placement of the tattoo, it depends on the style of the phoenix. For a majestic and realistic bird, a large area of ​​the body is preferable, such as the back, the thigh or the forearm, while a thinner and more discreet pattern will be better placed on the wrist or the ankle.

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