What became Judith Godrèche?

For a few years, the actress Judith Godrèche has disappeared from the radar. Based in the United States, the one that the general public saw in the cinema in 'L'Auberge Espagnole' or 'France Boutique' is preparing its return... on the small screen!

  What became Judith Godrèche?

The time is at come back for Judith Godrèche! The actress, now 50 years old – a birthday and a milestone she reached in March 2022 – will soon be talked about again. Indeed, she has a project on the small screen and in France. For several years, it is on the other side of the Atlantic that she has found refuge.

Judith Godrèche back soon with a series

While she had left the spotlight, the star will therefore make her return. As reported TV Magazine in its edition of October 7, Judith Godrèche is working on a series. ' The actress writes, directs and embodies Icon of French Cinema , a comedy in 6 episodes of thirty minutes for Arte “, can we read. A project for TV at a time when the series have become queens of which our colleagues have heard. They add: “ Both very funny and very serious, it centers on the life of a French actress who left for a career in the United States and who decides to return to France. She thinks she can find her place. But no one is waiting for him anymore... '

Judith Godrèche settled in the United States, why had she left France?

While she was leading a fine career in France – she won no less than three César nominations – Judith Godrèche had chosen to go and pack her bags in California, precisely in Los Angeles, the city of stars par excellence. It was in 2010 that the click happened and for a sad reason: when she went behind the camera as director for the film All the girls are crying the film received poor reviews and did not draw large crowds to theaters. It's time for renewal and for that, directly the City of Angels.

In 2015, while promoting The Overnight, Judith Godrèche spoke about her new American life: ' Nothing is planned. I had come to settle here for three months (...) I had an idea for a screenplay that I was planning to make a film of but in the end HBO bought it, it was an impossible proposition to refuse, and things were defined from that moment on. I couldn't go back and as I'm raising two children, I'm not going to leave them to shoot in France, so where I work is dictated by where my children go to school. '

However, her career has continued since she has posted around forty films on the counter! The latest, The Climb , dates from 2019 and was presented at the Cannes Film Festival.

What about his private life?

Judith Godrèche has been separated for several years from Maurice Barthélémy (her companion from 2004 to 2012). This one, however, visits her in California since it is there that she raises their daughter Tess (born in April 2005). The star also takes care of her son Noé (born in September 1999), from her former marriage to Dany Boon (they were together from 1998 to 2002). Previously, she had already been married to Philippe Michel, in 1996.

And today, is she in a relationship, does she have a new companion? Mystery. In 2019, at the American site Parade , she described herself as ' single mother '...

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