What are the decorating trends for 2023?

DECO TREND. From the living room to the bedroom, via the dining room, the kitchen and the bathroom, discover all the color trends, styles, materials, patterns, furniture and objects that should punctuate the new year in our homes. To follow or not, the 2023 interior design trends are here!

  What are the decorating trends for 2023?

What will your home decor look like in 2023? This is what we invite you to discover here. Praise of the English cottage spirit, revival of seventies , the rise of green, orange and brown, curly wool seats here, a tiled table there, French Riviera, disco ball, leopard print and artificial plants... We've got plenty of them. When some have been confirmed in 2022, new decoration trends are emerging and others are coming back in force in 2023. Spotted and deciphered by us, the decor trends to come will soon hold no secrets for you!

The trendy decorative styles in 2023

The English cottage spirit invests the country house... as well as the town!

Lovers of bold colors, patterns, especially if they are flowery, and beautiful wooden pieces of furniture, the cottage style can easily be described as retro and refined , provided it is adopted sparingly. And that, Farrow & Ball understood it well. All there is more British, without falling into bad taste , this atmosphere surfs on this trend while modernizing it.

Praise of neo-rustic

Buoyed by a more desirable development - the inspiring theme of Home and Object show September 2021 - the New Rustic movement reflects a pressing need to return to the sources of design in order to better revisit them. More concretely, this translates to the rise of aesthetics japandi , the hybrid between hygge and wabi-sabi that will (again) count this year and the incentive for a slower design which favors products from craftsmanship, made from natural materials - rattan, wicker, wood - recycled materials or in limited editions, Not to mention upcycling, upcycling and the second main in general so that 'nothing is thrown away and everything is transformed'!


When the decoration makes its 70's show!

While we thought they were forever outdated, the codes dear to the seventies are far from having said their last word. A wave of colors - green, orange and brown in the lead - sweeps over the novelties this year , the angles are rounded and the plastic is so chic. Love it or hate it, the 1970s are back with pop(ular) flavored interiors!


The cabinet of curiosities inspiration ignites them all

Dim light for cozy atmosphere , palette of deep colors, enveloping materials to the touch velvet , animals under bells, butterflies under glass , dried flowers, gilding , witch mirrors and ex-voto which weigh down the walls... No doubt, you have indeed pushed the door of the cabinet of curiosities . Whether or not he seduces by his singularity , one thing is certain, this style gives free rein to all eccentricities .


Travel, travel to the French Riviera with a Mediterranean decor

Beautiful revisit of the seaside style that we could no longer see too much in painting, the decor inspired by the Mediterranean has only one desire: to make us travel. Thus shells and crustaceans, natural materials such as rattan or wicker and immaculate walls bring back delicious holiday memories. Looks like the south!

Trending colors in 2023

Desire for green, against all odds!

Color of hope organic and very easy to combine, green definitely has it all. With white, it shapes a winning combo, combined with pastel shades, pink in mind, it is more contrasted, with gray, it plays it industrial and married to black, it gains in elegance.


Warm, warm, warm brown in decoration

A time shunned, the brown color returns warm our rooms in need of comfort. Sometimes chocolate, caramel or iced, chestnut can be sprinkled or dared in total look thanks to the use of monochrome. Brightened up with white, beige, terracotta , green or orange, it brings the seventies back to life with elegance.


Orange for an interior that didn't steal it

Vitamined without being flashy, the orange color and its nuances are also surfing on the return of 70's atmospheres to play their cards right. If we do not advise you to adopt it on an entire wall, know that orange is fruity in the kitchen or in the dining room! And don't hesitate to use it as an accessory - vase, painting, crate, lamp base... - in the living room.


Purple do you want it, here it is!

Noticed on the catwalks of fashion shows, today, purple goes hand in hand with interiors in need of spirituality . Sensual and a bit mysterious, purple charms us and not just a little in 2023. Proof, if any more were needed, of the enthusiasm it arouses, it is a periwinkle blue verging on purple that has was elected Pantone color of the year 2022, under the name of Very Peri!


Trendy materials in 2023

Concrete, we don't let it fall

If concrete has already begun to make a remarkable appearance in interiors for some time, we will have to count on it more than ever in 2023. We adopt it on the ground of course, in a version waxed concrete but not only ! Concrete becomes material for creation and makes it possible to adopt built-in furniture to the structure of the habitat: shelf, niche, bench but also bedhead or vanity unit... Its advantage? A refined rendering for a peaceful decoration.


Paper mache doesn't mince its style

He is everywhere this season and far from the creations DIY arty of your children! On the contrary, it plays the card of purity with organic lines, a feeling of lightness and an immaculate finish. Among the key pieces to adopt: vases sculptural, suspensions poetic, cups elegant and even small furniture.


Dark wood comes out of the shadows

We always abandon the light wood specific to the Nordic atmospheres of recent years for darker species. Walnut, rosewood, teak, acacia or ebony give character to a minimalist decor in the living room as in the kitchen. Combined with neutral colors such as beige, the contrast ensures a style without faux pas. We love it even more in version sticks, ridges and cleats who ensure the show and punctuate both the doors of the furniture and the legs of the tables.

The hook clings to the bohemian decor

Say goodbye to grandma's doilies, crochet is making a comeback in decorating by adopting a bohemian style super stylish. Cushion covers, plaids, baskets and planters are the key pieces of the season and can be found both in stores and in a tutorial version to do it yourself.

Terracotta warms up the decor

Did you love the terracotta decorating trend? This season goes further by adopting terracotta as its flagship material. in version tomette , it dresses the floor for a Mediterranean atmosphere as desired but also finds its place in tiles on a credenza or a table . And to adopt the trend without doing any work, we turn to the pots of plants.


Striated glass in complete transparency

Glass once again plays the chameleon of decoration by reinventing itself! After the smoky trend, it takes on texture and plays the striped card for a graphic effect. In the vase but also on the table side, the decor is less smooth and that's good.

  worse streak

Trendy furniture in 2023

The pouf is a living room but not only

Timeless, this small versatile piece of furniture settles more than ever in the house and not only on the living room side! In L' hall or even the bedroom , it stylishly dresses up a nook, serves as an extra seat or even a small decorative table if combined with a tray. The must of the season? The curly wool or velvet version for a warm atmosphere.


The tiled table stands checkered

Did you think the tiling reserved for the floor or possibly for the credenza? Not only ! This season, it settles on the furniture and more particularly the tables and desks to give them a graphic style. Moving away from the chemistry bench, he instead plays the cool card by adopting trendy tiles and colorful joints .


Organic shapes round off the corners

Fit squares into circles, nothing could be easier for decoration! The trend is moving away from right angles in favor of curves that soften and fluidify the decor . Enveloping armchairs, free-form tables, rounded mirrors and organic lighting become the new objects of desire.

Curly wool loosens the seats

The house wants sweetness and that goes through the beautiful materials like curly wool. Inescapable star of winter, it now seduces the four seasons to give texture to the decor. In a contemporary or Mediterranean atmosphere, it is chosen in white or cream while it will adopt deeper colors such as khaki in classic or retro interiors.

Trending patterns in 2023

Checkers far from in check

Most often crossed in black and white, the checkerboards dare to use color in our interiors and it's square! In purple and immaculate like here, here is a pattern capable of visually expand the space of a small area , in addition to anchoring it in the trend. Failure and mate.


Tortoiseshells don't stain

After having made the delight of barrettes and other spectacle frames, tortoiseshell swims in the deep end of decoration . Find his marbling declined in many tones on vases, lamps, salad bowls...


The leopard reveals a wild decor

An essential motif in fashion, the leopard was rather discreet on the decorative side. It was before this season when he jumped on the cushions, other home textiles and even on vases and lamps that are not lacking in character. Perfect for waking up a decor with neutral colors!


Abstract lines lead the dance

In keeping with our desire for ever more arty atmospheres, the prints, whether on the walls or on the textiles, are deconstructed to better astonish us. Abstract silhouettes, contemplative foliage and solid colors make up a winning and inspiring trifecta.


Trendy decorative objects in 2023

The disco ball shines brightly

Looking for an accessory capable of make your decoration more festive ? Look no further and trust the disco ball and its 1001 facets which will reflect the light during the day and distill a bamboche atmosphere at night.


The quilt patchwork plaid warms up the atmosphere

Did you think it was reserved for grandma's interiors? Nay! The return of the patchwork plaid is a delight for DIY enthusiasts and others. In padded version , it gives an air of yesteryear to the decoration but is modernized by adopting the most trendy colors. Something to warm up the autumn-winter season and save some heating.


Realistic artificial plants

Having a green thumb is no longer the sine qua non of a green interior. The brands compete in ingenuity to offer artificial plants that are more beautiful than the original ones , and maintenance-free as a bonus. The models are available both in a nice size olive-type tree and in branches to be distilled in all rooms.


The watchword of the 2023 decoration trends? Honoring color again to feel good at home! It's up to you to adopt its novelties a little, a lot or passionately for an interior in tune with the times.

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