Weight gain after childbirth: causes and solutions

After childbirth, it is important not to chase the pounds immediately. While it is normal to gain weight during pregnancy, and to take time to lose it afterwards, it also happens that some new mothers gain weight postpartum. How to explain it? How to react ? The advice of Anh-Chi Ton, midwife.

  Weight gain after childbirth: causes and solutions

I have a big appetite after giving birth: why?

' There really are no rules! It really depends on the women. Some will lose their appetite because they are very tired, a little overwhelmed, and therefore lose weight quickly after childbirth . Others, on the other hand, will have more of an appetite. This is particularly the case in women who are breastfeeding because it represents a large expenditure of energy for the body to produce milk. We are therefore more hungry but also more thirsty ', explains the midwife Anh-Chi Ton. ' Childbirth requires a lot of energy and with the blood loss, there can be a real loss of energy compensated by a big appetite, but this remains infrequent ' , she observes.

Postpartum weight gain and gestational diabetes

There is no reason for gestational diabetes to induce postpartum weight gain.

Women who suffer from Gestational Diabetes tend to gain a little more weight during pregnancy. But this is not the case after the baby is born. ' The principle of gestational diabetes is precisely that it stops after childbirth. This is also the case, for example, of the cholestasis of pregnancy or preeclampsia which are pregnancy diseases and which disappear without any treatment “, recalls the expert.

Resumption of the pill and postpartum weight gain

After childbirth, the cover of a contraception depends on several factors: the desires of the new mother of course, her background, but also whether she is breastfeeding or not. The pill - most manufacturers mention it on the instructions for use - can cause weight gain. This is finally the case at any time of life, and therefore also during the postpartum period. ' It is not possible to take an estrogen pill 3 weeks postpartum, and it's that type of pill which can make you gain weight . The microprogestin pill, on the other hand, can be taken immediately after birth but it has no effect on weight. “, explains Anh-Chi Ton. It is therefore unlikely that the pill is involved in postpartum weight gain.

Postpartum depression and weight gain

Here again, it is difficult to provide an answer that would apply to all women. ' In general, women who make a postpartum depression have less appetite, less cravings. But sometimes it's quite the opposite and depression is then accompanied by weight gain. It really depends on the people ', observes the midwife. Anyway, the postpartum depression is to be taken very seriously, it must be quickly taken care of and treated by consulting a health professional.

Postpartum hypothyroidism and weight gain

L' hypothyroidism , a dysfunction of the thyroid that does not produce enough hormones, very often leads to weight gain. ' It is not related to postpartum but can be discovered at that time because it is a period when fatigue is increased “, specifies the nurse. Some women, on the other hand, will develop what is called a thyroiditis postpartum three to six months after delivery. This is characterized by a first phase of hyperthyroidism followed by a second phase of hypothyroidism a few months later. The latter generally evolves spontaneously but can recur. Weight gain may therefore occur.

Thanks to Anh-Chi Ton, midwife.Source journaldesfemmes.fr