Wedding: 10 big trends in 2023

Conducted by and The Knot Worldwide group, a study reveals the trends in the bridal sector and the 10 major trends (fashion, decoration, organization, entertainment, etc.) that will mark the ceremonies in 2023. At the top of the desires of the bride and groom, festivalization and the return of creativity to mark the spirits!

  Wedding: 10 big trends in 2023 and its group The Knot Worldwide have released the findings of their annual study of major wedding trends in 2023. Here's what marriages will look like next year.

Des mariages worthy of great festivals

No more weddings in small committees that have marked in recent years due to the pandemic. In 2023, weddings are no longer limited in terms of the number of guests and the entertainment program is worthy of that of a major festiva l in terms of density and originality. Large spaces (outdoors and indoors) are also popular. The spacious party rooms, estates and castles thus rise to the top of the favorite reception venues for lovers.

Flexible dates

According to the White Book of Marriage written by, 6 out of 10 couples prefer to be flexible when it comes to choosing the day of the celebration, rather than giving up the reception venue of their dreams if it is not available on the scheduled date. This is the reason why they agree to celebrate the nuptials on a Friday, if Saturday is not eligible. A choice that allows the wedding to be extended throughout the weekend and that seduces loved ones from afar.

An eclectic decoration

Botanical art is the must have for 2023 bridal decor . Brides and grooms like to pair the floral theme with the total white look. but also fluorescent neon lights and colored industrial light bulbs. Another popular trend is the return of mix and match thanks to a plant decor that links the different worlds: rural and urban or even chic and bohemian. In terms of colors, white, cream, sand, lavender and shades of orange dominate. In flower arrangements, bottle green and emerald green are also attractive.

Decoration Event´Cox and Julien Briche Photographer

a culinary festival

Local and organic products are still as successful as in 2022, but in 2023 wedding meals are also more and more vegetarian and vegan! Another formula appeals to eco-responsible couples, namely 'zero waste'. On the dessert side, the cake and the buffet of delicacies revisited always seduce but new sweets close the dinner: the cakesicles , crunchy and melt-in-the-mouth cakes that take the form of pretty ice cream sticks.

Eco-friendly and local gifts for guests

Gift given by couples to guests is now unisex and may take the form of decorative objects, edible souvenirs or cosmetics whose design is artisanal. Local products (honey, spices, sweets) are still up to date and the mini-plants and seeds to sow are a hit with the bride and groom.

romantic dresses

In 2023, brides are betting everything on white outfits, often embellished with light floral motifs to combine poetry and sophistication. On the form side, princess dresses, dresses with visible corsets or heart-shaped bustiers are the most popular . Capes are one of the fashionable accessories. The hairstyles, on the other hand, are more natural (soft ties or low buns) and the makeup is light. Brides and grooms opt for classic black and white or all-white. The beige, sand, or terracotta shade is also very popular with men, as are plain and satin suits. In a more festive spirit, we will also note the emergence of sequined shoes and jackets, but in moderation!

an original bouquet

Floral pieces have once again become the most iconic wedding accessories and are now degendered. The famous game of tossing the bride's bouquet tends to turn into throwing bouquets, one after the other, or in a synchronized manner.
In terms of style, the bouquet is rather elongated, unstructured by stems of irregular sizes, and composed of various seasonal flowers.

Scripted photos and videos

If professional photographers are still in high demand, couples like to contribute to the realization of beautiful shots by giving particular importance to the scenography thanks to real photo trail . Wedding films also remain essential, but shorter formats are in high demand as a complement. Professionals are adapting and also offering 'Reels' or other short videos to be shared on social networks.

A musical animation broadcast on TikTok

In 2023, live concerts are on the rise and are an integral part of the entertainment program. Some couples take the opportunity to recreate the Coachella atmosphere with straw hats, light effects, colorful bracelets and food trucks!

In the second part of the evening, the DJ always takes over and increasingly asks guests to share their best choreographies on Tik Tok. His playlist is also inspired by titles that are all the rage on the application.

A honeymoon in secret paradises

In 2022, Europe was the bride and groom's favorite destination for their honeymoon. In 2023, couples are instead looking to cut themselves off from the world and flee mass tourism and are on the lookout for secret corners and lesser-known places on the American, Asian and African continents, although the French Departments or Regions of Overseas territories are once again among the must-see destinations.