'We're going to burn you with acid': An actress from Tomorrow belongs to us threatened with death and rape

Victim of haters who threatened her with death and rape, Louise Marion, a very young actress in the series 'Tomorrow belongs to us', confided in the microphone of Virgin Radio on the terrible harassment of which she is the target.

  'We're going to burn you'acide" : Une actrice de Demain nous appartient menacée de mort et de viol

In the series tomorrow belongs to us , Louise Marion is the face of Angie , a 15-year-old high school student committed to many causes. A character that does not leave indifferent and some viewers seem to confuse with the very young actress who embodies it. Invited in the Morning without filter on Virgin Radio, the actress of the hit TF1 series testified to the torrent of hatred she had received since her arrival in the series. ' I started spinning in tomorrow belongs to us in July 2021 and it's true that I had a fairly committed character, who was somewhat against all forms of discrimination, whether it was fatphobia, racism, etc. In itself, the background is interesting but it's true that the form was another story, and from the start I knew I was going to get a lot of hate messages “, she confided to the microphone of Guillaume Genton this Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

Hateful messages of rare violence

If the actress, barely 20 years old, had prepared herself not to be unanimous with the fans of the series by agreeing to interpret this character with a clear-cut character who militates against all discrimination, she was however far from imagine the magnitude of harassment of which she would be a victim. On social networks, hate messages, insults and threats have deeply hurt her. ' Especially when you don't expect it, you're not prepared to receive so much hate ', explains the young woman who says she received death threats but also many racist insults. ' Among the messages, there were a lot of 'go back to Africa', I had a few threats of rape and I was also told 'we're going to burn you with acid', so things that are quite scary. '

Haters hidden behind their anonymity

Louise Marion specifies that the wave of hatred of which she is the target on social networks comes for a very large majority from anonymous accounts. ' These people also really dehumanize us, they don't realize that we really read their messages, that we see their tweets and that we are aware of what is happening. They don't realize that in fact we read everything they send us ', she says. Several personalities have used the Bodyguard application - this is the case of Bilal Hassani - which was designed to block haters on social networks and reduce cyber-harassment,

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Louise Marion: the support of her partners

To face the haters, the interpreter of Angie was fortunately able to count on the support of his partners in the series, and in particular of Maxime Lélue who plays Jordan Roussel in DNA. ' I think it's important to remember that 'actor' and 'character' are two very distinct entities ' , he posted on social media in November 2021. ' My friend Louise Marion does not have to read or receive death threats, incitement to suicide, or other racist or sexist insults. I feel all the more concerned if these people rely on the character of Jordan to fuel their comments. I want to clarify that I am the first not to share a lot of ideas that my own character can defend “, he declared in support of Louise Marion.

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