'We had beautiful moments': Sylvie Vartan in mourning, message to a loved one who has just died

Decidedly, times are hard for the singer Sylvie Vartan. The star, who was forced to cancel her concert due to the weather, is also a grieving woman. Indeed, on her Instagram account she mourns the death of a loved one, Arthur Plasschaert.

"Nous avons eu de beaux moments" : Sylvie Vartan en deuil, message à un proche qui vient de mourir

Sylvie Vartan is in mourning. The 78-year-old singer sent a tender message to Arthur Plasschaert, a choreographer who died last August at the age of 92. The star waited a month before paying tribute to him and posted a special video on his Instagram account for the occasion on September 16, 2022.

Sylvie Vartan mourns the death of Arthur Plasschaert and unveils a beautiful video

The singer therefore took over her Instagram account to salute the memory of this dance professional, who had become a close friend. In the caption of an archive video, during the broadcast I sing for Swanee , Sylvie Vartan writes: ' Your last dance step, Arthur Plasschaert, you sketched it in the middle of summer, a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share images here, almost 1 minute 35 of happiness, in memory of a joyful and light time that we had the chance to know and share .'

Johnny Hallyday's ex-girlfriend adds: 'The plateaus of the Buttes Chaumont were our kingdom, Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier held the reins, we were the princes, princesses, kings and queens. Jean-Jacques Debout and Roger Dumas imagined very pretty songs and beautiful paintings, you know. I inspired and created superb choreographies, inventive and precise. There were often boys, girls, feathers, rhinestones, superb costumes and, above all, a lot, a lot of lightness and joy (... ) We had some good times, we were big, carefree kids, the world was ours, it was our roaring twenties and nothing could get to us... '

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Who was Arthur Plasschaert?

Little known to the younger generation, Arthur Plasschaert died at the age of 92, Sunday August 14, 2022, in Argentan (Orne). He had led a fine career as a choreographer with the stars of show business at the time. ' Arthur was a dancer in the fifties, in Monte-Carlo. It was there that he became a choreographer, taking over from John Tarras and brilliantly ensuring the major programs of the Sporting Club season. , told his companion Loïc Le Page to Actu.fr . Thereafter, he will be recruited by the world of television, in Paris. ' Arthur Plasschaert who distinguished himself by his ballets, notably in the variety programs of Maritie and Gilbert Carpentier. A choreographer for French television, his programs will give rise to new shows at the Olympia around Sacha Distel, Annie Cordy, Sylvie Vartan, Mireille Mathieu or, more recently, Patricia Kass “, add our colleagues.

Sylvie Vartan combines the hard knocks

In addition to this disappearance which causes her grief, Sylvie Vartan has also recently been at the heart of a concert ' apocalyptic '! Indeed, David Hallyday's mother was to perform on September 7, 2022 on the stage of the Parc des Oiseaux, in Villars-les-Dombes, but catastrophic weather turned everything upside down! The interpreter of the tube The most beautiful to go dancing was thus forced to cancel her performance. It must be said that the public was drowned in the rain...

' In front of this apocalyptic vision. Security asked me to stop the concert…and they started evacuating people. This whole situation has upset us all deeply. We will try to come back next year under warmer skies “, added Sylvie Vartan on Instagram.

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