We (finally) know Audrey Fleurot's secret to staying in shape at 45

At 45, Audrey Fleurot is still distinguished by her natural beauty, her red hair and her dream figure. Here is the shape trick of the one who inaugurates her statue at the Grévin museum.

  We (finally) know the secret of'Audrey Fleurot pour garder la forme à 45 ans

Audrey Fleurot is on all fronts. We find it every Thursday on TF1 in Safe , she will be back in season 3 of the hit series HPI this spring and you can now admire his wax double at the Grévin museum. Despite her busy schedule, the French favorite actress is in great shape! The opportunity for us to discover his sports routine.

What is Audrey Fleurot's secret to keeping the line?

For years now, Audrey Fleurot has displayed the same flattering silhouette. A sculpted and slender body that it owes to the practice of a physical activity. Indeed, the 45-year-old star devotes a lot of time to sports . ' I still do a lot of it, because it's a priority - and has been for a very long time. I try to do it every day as much as possible, even if it's quite rare that I manage to free myself this time ' she regrets in the columns of Doctissimo. A frustration linked to her lifestyle: ' It is especially during the filming period that it is complicated. After 9:00 p.m., I'm not going to run 10 kilometers... or set an alarm clock at 5:00 a.m., to do my session from 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. '. His favorite sports? The gym, the pilates method or even jogging . Simple and efficient !

Audrey Fleurot's anti-aging secret

At the age of 45, Audrey Fleurot still displays smooth, glowing skin without imperfections. If some stars have recourse to cosmetic surgery and other injections to obtain this perfect result, the actress prefers to bet on one of the secrets of Japanese youth: facial massages . Son chouchou : ' the Japanese kobido, which drains, activates acupuncture points and saves ten years! On a set, it's so much less makeup “, she confessed to Marie Claire . Combining relaxation and anti-aging action, this hand-made treatment offers a lifting naturel through stimulation of skin microcirculation and activation of lymphatic drainage. Results: a plumped face, reduced wrinkles, firmer skin and relaxed features.

What are Audrey Fleurot's hair secrets?

As she told us in an interview in 2015, Audrey Fleurot particularly appreciates the Leonor Greyl products to take care of her lively hair, much in demand on filming and photo shoots. ' I use masks a lot and when I don't have too much time it's the Regenerating Cream that pampers my hair in two minutes flat. 'To revive the intensity of her natural color, the actress likes repigmenting care of the brand. Enough to display a more intense and brighter red. Other products she uses include Volumizing Lotus Mousse.' that really gives body ' to her fine hair.

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Audrey Fleurot, follower of vegetable coloring to revive her red

While the 45-year-old star is naturally redheaded, she has one major problem: her color fades with age. Her iconic redhead gradually turns to Venetian blond . To regain her original shade, inherited from her two grandfathers, Audrey Fleurot relies on a Logona vegetable coloring as she stated on the site Aufeminine . Based on henna, fruits, plants and avocado oil, this tone-on-tone hair dye is renowned for its non-harsh properties on the hair. The actress has a habit of applying it all alone at home and goes to the salon only from time to time.

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