Wavy hair: techniques for a wavy effect and 50 photos to inspire

Whether natural or made with a hairdressing device, wavy hair gives a wavy effect that is both chic and relaxed to the hair. Here's how to achieve this easy-going hairstyle.

  Wavy hair: techniques for a wavy effect and 50 photos for s'inspirer

What is wavy hair?

Perfect for a chic evening, a day at the office or even as a bridal hairstyle, the wavy hair never ceases to seduce us with its pretty waves which can go from the simple wave to the almost formed loop, according to the desires. It will also suit all hair lengths whether long, medium and even shorter.

wavy square

A wavy square will give, without a doubt, pep to your look. Besides, it has taken up residence on the heads of celebrities. Kate Middleton, Emma Stone or even Julia Roberts swear by its little wavy effect to boost their beauty on the red carpets.

Wavy court 

The short haircuts immediately bring dynamism to the face. With a wavy effect, these will have a touch of modernity. Opt for tight waves for a more sophisticated effect or looser ones if you want a more relaxed finish.

How to do wavy hair?

  1. Divide the hair in two sections, a lower and an upper one
  2. Take a wick from the lower section, wrap it around the curling iron always keeping the tip in your hand
  3. Leave on a few moments before unrolling the wick to the tip
  4. Restart on the whole section or on just a few strands depending on the desired effect
  5. Continue on the other section
  6. Let cool each time before possibly relaxing the locks with your fingers for a soft wavy that will give a less primed look.

How to make wavy hair with a straightener?

If you do not want to invest in another hairdressing device, you can perfectly use your straightener to obtain a beautiful wavy. All you have to do is place each wick between the plates of the straightener, turn the iron a half turn or a full turn while keeping the tip in your hand, then gently slide the wick to the tip. For a more natural result, do not hesitate to vary the thickness of the locks and start again until you find the wavy that suits you best. In any case, do not forget to apply a thermo-protective spray all over the hair, especially if you regularly use heated appliances.

How to make a wavy naturally?

Moreover, if you have particularly sensitized hair, you can perfectly opt for less aggressive solutions for your hair. For example, you can braid many mats on your damp hair before going to bed, using a fixing product before applying them and a hairspray afterwards, so that this soft wave lasts longer the next day. One salt water spray sprayed on damp hair can also help you sport a pretty, ultra-natural beach wave.

How to make a permanent wavy hair?

Now that the wavy hair no longer holds any secrets for you, it's now about making it last as long as possible! For that, it's easy, it will imperatively be necessary to texturize the hair using a styling lotion or mousse, applied to damp hair, which will harden the fiber. Then dry your hair upside down, smoothing it very quickly and taking care to unstick it. For particularly straight hair, feel free to also apply hairspray to each strand before using the curling or straightening iron.

thanks to Delphine Courteille , hair stylist at L'Oréal ProfessionnelSource journaldesfemmes.fr