Watering an Orchid: When and How? The good gestures

Orchids are among the most purchased plants in France. However, their maintenance is demanding, especially in terms of watering. Find out how to water your orchid without a hitch.

  Watering an Orchid: When and How? The good gestures

For some orchids healthy, watering is essential! Neither too much nor not enough, better know when and how to proceed to avoid disappointments. Here is what you need to know to succeed watering of your plant.

How often should an orchid be watered?

Wondering how often you should water your orchid? It depends on whether the plant is in bloom or not.

  • When it is in flower, the waterings are spaced about 10 days apart.
  • Once the orchid is no longer in bloom, schedule one watering every 15 to 20 days.

The orchid needs generous but well-spaced waterings, the substrate must have had time to dry between each . If after 15 days, you notice that the substrate is still wet, wait a few more days to water. Better make her wait overwatering can be fatal . Another indicator: when the roots are grey, it's time to water!

In winter , you can space out the waterings, making sure to respect the same rule of dry substrate between two sessions.

How to water orchids?

Avoid watering it from above like most potted plants.

  1. Prefer soaking phalaenopsis three-quarters in a container of water. It must be well submerged so that its roots turn green again and draw the necessary water.
  2. After a few minutes in the water, you have to let it drip a long time before putting it back on its saucer. To do this, you can put it in a sink for 1 to 2 hours before putting it back in place. In effect, the roots should not stagnate in water too long at the risk of rotting.
  3. In addition to root watering, regularly spray the leaves with water . Avoid misting flowers and hearts that don't like to get wet!

Watering orchids with ice cubes, good or bad idea?

The use of ice cubes is often put forward to water the orchids. For what ? The slow flow of water creates a sort of drop by drop and avoids over-watering. However, this tropical plant may not appreciate such cold water which will cause a Thermal shock . Instead, prefer watering with water at room temperature.

Which water to choose to water an orchid?

Orchids are afraid of hard water . If your tap water is hard, you can sprinkle it with a filtered water in a decanter, rainwater or mineral water with little calcium, like the Volvic.

How to water an orchid after repotting?

Every 2-3 years the orchid needs to be repotted . At this time, be careful not to water it too much! The ideal is to repot the plant with already moistened substrate. It shouldn't be soggy, just damp. Once the orchid has been repotted, watering can resume after about 3 weeks, once the vegetation has started again.

How to create a humid microclimate?

Orchids are demanding plants. They need light but without direct sunlight, a temperature between 18°C ​​and 30°C and high humidity. Except that in an apartment, this high rate is not compatible with a healthy environment for humans! To overcome this, position the pot on a dish filled with water and pozzolana. The evaporation of water on the volcanic rock will create beneficial humidity for the plant.

How to water an orchid in a vase?

Sometimes phalaenopsis are sold in a glass vase. In this case, they have a light substrate based on clay balls and volcanic rock. In general, these vases are high and the roots do not go all the way down. You can then leave 2 cm of water at the bottom of the vase. With the light on the vase, the water will quickly heat up and evaporate creating humidity. Remember to always leave this layer of water so that the plant remains well hydrated.

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