Watch out for these details that can make a disguise dangerous!

Halloween costumes are all the rage with children. But be careful to choose them well, because some costumes, make-up and sometimes even candy present risks for the youngest. Here are the precautions to take before dressing up your child.

  Watch out for these details that can make a disguise dangerous!

The day of Halloween , most children enjoy dressing up and putting on makeup. For the occasion, parents in general venture into stores or on the Internet in search of the perfect disguise. But it is still necessary to choose a model that guarantees the safety of the child. Because very often the costumes and make-up are anything but harmless, some may have a dubious composition with toxic or flammable substances, while others may not be approved and thus present serious risks for the health of the child (strangulation , suffocation, burns, irritation etc). Each year, products of this type are removed from store shelves and subject to recalls, which are listed by the RappelConso site. So to avoid any risk of injuries or accidents, here's what to check before buying a costume or makeup Halloween for her child :

What are the safety criteria for a disguise?

Clothing such as children's costumes must meet certain safety standards. For this, it is advisable to check them on all the seams, and to ensure that they do not have:

  • Cords, ribbons or string around the neck (risk of strangulation)
  • Plastic end caps that may fray or come off (risk of choking or cut)
  • Sequins (choking hazard)
  • Of seams that give way

It is important to well check the composition of the disguise . Avoid synthetic materials (nylon, polyester etc) which can easily tear and ignite and cause burns. Also check the size of the costume this must correspond to the age of the child. If this is not the case and it is too big for him, he can hurt himself by falling. If he is too small and he feels tight inside, he could be hampered in making movements and hurt himself if he is used too much in certain places.

How to choose a children's makeup with a safe composition?

The halloween makeup for a child must be purchased by looking at several criteria. Some makeup products can be harmful because they contain endocrine disruptors which can be irritating to the skin. Better then test the product beforehand by depositing a small amount on the skin of his forearm and to see if an allergic reaction appears. The other reflex to have is to check the composition of the product , even that of the glue that you might use to stick rhinestones or sequins on the skin. Among the ingredients to watch out for, the organism UFC What To Choose recommends paying attention to:

  • Parabens ( propyl, butyl, isopropyl et isobutylparaben) 
  • Phenoxyethanol preservative (liver toxicity)
  • Preservative Methylisothiazolinone (allergic reaction)
  • Allergens like the perfume
  • Heavy metals (lead, nickel, cobalt, etc.)

Lipsticks and lip glosses that contain MOSHs and MOAHs should also be avoided!