Virginie Efira is 45: Food, Massage, Botox... Everything you don't know about the actress

She's the most French of Belgian actresses, unless it's the opposite. Virginie Efira is much more than a diaphanous beauty, she is a woman who is comfortable in her skin, well in her time. Plural actress with a devastating smile, she celebrates her 25th birthday on May 5. The opportunity to discover it... differently.

  Virginie Efira is 45: Food, Massage, Botox... Everything you don't know about'actrice

She never ceases to string together successful films, with her phlegm from the North, her skin-deep talent, her ability to make each of her characters live and vibrate. Whether in Goodbye Cons by Albert Dupontel, in Benedetta or Waiting for Bojangles , Virginie Efira shines on the big screen. The one who celebrates her 45th birthday has conquered the French public, with her slight singing accent from Brussels. So what is the recipe for its success? What are its secrets? A look back at her childhood, her doubts, her hidden talents, her beauty routines.

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Virginie Efira signed autographs in the schoolyard

Very early, Virginie Efira knows that she wants to become an actress. Even more, it is the light that attracts her as she willingly entrusts it to the microphone d'Europe 1 . ' I often read interviews where all the film actors had discovered Racine at the age of five. Since I came from television, I too wanted to say that I had a passion for great texts, and I said to myself that I had to admit that there was a desire for notoriety. That I don't understand since my parents loved me so much! I remember I said I was going to be an actress later, so the kids would ask me for my autograph, just in case. '

Clockwork Orange... the shock at 10 years old

A cinephile, little Virginie Efira devours the classics of the 7th art, but not necessarily of her age, as revealed by journalist Lisa-Marie Marquès, always on Europe 1 . 'At ten, your parents surprise you in front of A Clockwork Orange'. An astonishing revelation, to which the actress can only agree. Psychosis , or The Exorcist , the actress plays at scaring herself, with the complicity of her father, who has fun locking her up in the cellar. ' It was a joke! Children like to be scared! '

The conservatory ? 'I didn't feel capable of it!'

For many women, it is impossible to escape the impostor syndrome . And we may be an acclaimed actress, we may also have feared one day not to be up to it. Virginie Efira readily concedes this, explaining why, then a student at the conservatory, she preferred to give up: ' I didn't feel capable of it. I was scared! You know, when there's something you like so much... ' Quoting the phrase of Groucho Marx: ' I could never be part of a club that would accept me as a member '.' When you make something sacred, you can't belong to it' , says the young woman.

Virginie Efira: Karaoke passion

The actress never refuses to push the song. His thing: karaoke, preferably without fuss. She managed to hype up a somewhat seedy place in the Belgian capital: “There is something quite joyful in Belgium, where people from all over the place meet. I took a lot of recalcitrant French people there. '

She learned to carve vegetables for a movie

Always ready to take up challenges, Virginie Efira willingly bends to the requests of directors. Whether learning to ride for Continue , or even more original, sculpt vegetables. For A family for rent , the actress embodies the role of a single mother, caring for her loved ones and queen of culinary decoration. An experience that left her with lasting memories, as she explains to Konbini . ' In my life, I don't really want to carve carrots. But the one who taught us how to do that said to me: 'You're going to see Virginie, it's great, when you're going to have people over for dinner, and you're doing your turnip carvings!' ' Not sure that the actress has extended the experience …

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Virginie Efira, food and sports: 'I am far from being a model to follow'

Not really sporty, Virginie Efira nevertheless admits to getting started if the needs of a shoot require it. “I am far from being a model to follow… , she admits in the columns of Vogue . I have compulsive cravings for food and lethargic for sports! On the other hand, if a shoot requires a nervous and fine body, I enter into an implacable rigor. It's day and night .'

A rigor to which she submitted for the filming of Benedetta by Paul Verhoeven: ' I followed a very strict diet, with a dietitian, and I exercised four times a week. I had no desire to bore the director with my complexes .'

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Virginie Efira, massage enthusiast

You don't have to be super sporty to take care of yourself. With her beautician mother who passed on her passion for massages, Virginie Efira does not hesitate to massage herself, or to give it to her daughter, Ali, born in 2013 of her union with the director Mabrouk El Mechri. ' She loves massages since she was a baby , she confided to Vogue . I massage her every night for half an hour, that's our time.' For her part, she admits be crazy about face and body massages ', especially when the hand ' really work in depth .'

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Virginie Efira and the passage of time: she won't refuse a good injection...

A good injection yes, but above all wisdom! Asked by Vogue on her relationship to the passage of time, the 45-year-old actress with a baby face confides: ' I hope to have a lenient look on me, even if I am not designed like that. I would like to find paths that take me away from myself. But given the job I do, I would need a solid injection, not after Botox , but wisdom ! ' An injunction to youth, a sort of myth of eternal beauty, which does not make our sublime Franco-Belgian blink . 'What is certain is that the battle against the passage of time is lost in advance and the wisest thing is to accept it.' The future mistress of ceremonies Cannes Film Festival seems to have already received his injection of wisdom... Happy birthday!