Viniyoga: breathing and benefits of this tailor-made yoga

Viniyoga is a yoga that focuses on the specific needs of each person. What are the principles and how does a session take place? Here's how to take advantage of all its benefits.

  Viniyoga: breathing and benefits of this tailor-made yoga

What is Viniyoga?

' It is not the person who must adapt to Yoga but Yoga which must be adjusted to each person ' explain the yogi Sri Krishnamacharya. Le terme Vinyoga appeared between 1970 and 1980 and is used in The Yoga Sūtras (great founding texts of yoga) to mean that a great care must be taken in adapting the practice to the students . Although it is one of the missions of every yoga teacher, let's say that Viniyoga has a more holistic and therapeutic approach in which the teacher will create his session starting from the needs of his students and not from his own desires for sequences.

What happens during a session ?

The Viniyoga session takes place like any other yoga session. If you are doing Viniyoga for the first time, you may not see big differences in working postures. During a Viniyoga session, students start with simple postures and then move on to more advanced postures (depending on the needs and level of the students) maintained with a few breaths to bring attention back to the breath. The teacher can also share with his students traditional songs, meditations, pranayama (breathing) and even talk about the founding texts of yoga. Finally, the session ends with relaxation to let the energy go down.

What are the postures of Viniyoga?

Viniyoga is not strictly speaking a style of yoga but rather a specific pedagogy : we teach according to 'the principle of Viniyoga'. There are therefore no specific postures in Viniyoga but rather an intention of the teacher to transmit yoga as closely as possible to the needs of his students. The teacher will adapt the session according to the level, the age of his students but also the season, their activities, their emotional and physical state by providing them with appropriate tools.

What is the role of breathing?

As an individualized approach to yoga, the e Viniyoga strongly emphasizes the coordination of the rhythm of the breaths and the rhythm of the movements . Breathing techniques (pranayama) will thus be used according to each person's needs, with energizing techniques for some, more calming and relaxing for others.

What is the difference between Viniyoga and Hatha yoga?

In Viniyoga, we favor the function of a posture rather than its form to adapt it to each according to the desired effect on the body and the mind. Unlike Hatha, Viniyoga practitioners will alternate dynamic and static postures. The hatha yoga He will also be more centered on the postures with a work of mental harmonization (concentration, serenity) and body (power and flexibility).

What are the benefits of Viniyoga?

Viniyoga, by adapting to everyone's needs, offers many benefits to those who practice it: better stress management, more restorative sleep, more flexibility but above all a unique development for everyone through a practice allowing personal and lasting benefits...