Vincent Perrot lives far (very far) from his wife and children: secrets about this atypical life choice

In recent years, Vincent Perrot has somewhat deserted the TV sets, in favor of the airwaves. Today a presenter on RTL, he shares his life between Paris, where he works, and the South of France where his wife and their two children live.

  Vincent Perrot lives far (very far) from his wife and children: secrets about this atypical life choice

At 57, Vincent Perrot is increasingly rare on television sets. And his last appearance on the French small screen even dates back to 2020, when he was a brief columnist on the show Cyril Hanouna TPMP ; he however refused to resume The Big Heads on RTL, with Laurent Ruquier, remaining faithful to Philippe Bouvard. But he did not abandon his career in the media. Indeed, we can always, as for about thirty years, hear it on the airwaves of the RTL radio.

Guest this Tuesday, January 17 on the set of the show At Jordan's presented by Jordan De Luxe, the radio man therefore returned to his new professional life. And he also took the time to give some unexpected details about his private life.

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Where does Vincent Perrot live? He lives far from his family!

The least we can say is that Vincent Perrot's family life is one of the most original. And for good reason, for several years, he has lived apart from his wife, Virginie Perrot, and their two young boys, Jules and Louka, most of the time. “I made, about five years ago now, in consultation with Virginie, a choice, I would even say a kind of sacrifice (…) to allow them to live 900km from here, that is to say in Cannes ' , he indeed confided to the microphone of Jordan De Luxe. ' I live in Paris, I work in Paris, I stay there fifteen days, three weeks, and I go down' , he then detailed.

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Before explaining: 'I didn't really want to see my first son grow up in the Paris region' . Surprised by this major revelation, the presenter of At Jordan's did not fail to question him on this subject. Questions to which the radio host has also answered with honesty. ' It would bother me if one day I knocked on the door and my children said to me, 'Who are you sir?'' , he for example willingly conceded.

What life as a couple for Vincent Perrot and his wife?

Also asked about his long-distance relationship with the one who has shared his life for many years, and with whom he has been married since 2017, Vincent Perrot admitted that this life was 'a sacrifice' . 'My wife is jealous, but she trusts me, and I trust her too!' he continued. Before concluding, sure of his life choices: ' But when I see the environment they live in (…) Quality of life is priceless' .