VIDEO - Grégory Lemarchal: His parents Pierre and Laurence, moved to tears, 'it's true that...'

Invited by Faustine Bollaert for a program full of emotion devoted to cystic fibrosis, Grégory Lemarchal's mother could not hold back her tears on the set of 'It starts today'.

  VIDEO - Grégory Lemarchal: His parents Pierre and Laurence, moved to tears, 'c'est vrai que..."

While 200 babies with this inherited genetic condition are born each year, Faustine Bollaert on Wednesday, October 5, devoted its program It starts today to cystic fibrosis. Title Finally the hope of overcoming cystic fibrosis , the journalist had invited on her set Pierre and Laurence Lemarchal, co-founders of the Gregory Lemarchal association which aims to fight cystic fibrosis and help medical research . As the show returned to the fate of Grégory Lemarchal, the parents of the singer who disappeared struggled to hide their emotion when they saw images of their son again.

The incredible rise of the little prince with the golden voice

Revealed in the fourth season of the Star Academy , of which he won the final in 2004, Grégory Lemarchal had touched France by leading a real fight against the disease while leading a remarkable career as a singer. The one we already nicknamed the little prince with the voice of an angel meets an immediate success with a first album that became double gold in France before being crowned 'French-speaking revelation of the year' at the NRJ Music Awards in 2006. Caught up by illness on April 30, 2007, Grégory Lemarchal is carried away by the cystic fibrosis at the age of 24 . His parents, Pierre and Laurence, have since continued to fight to advance research and help patients through the Grégory Lemarchal association.

What moved Grégory Lemarchal's mother to tears?

To discuss his illness, but also his career and his journey, Faustine Bollaert broadcast a short report dedicated to the young man who disappeared 15 years ago, containing photos of him as a baby and some taken before his death. Images that particularly touched Laurence Lemarchal. Unable to speak, it was her husband Pierre Lemarchal who spoke: ' It's always special times. These are things we don't often look at . We understand that we must show them to the public. And us, now that we take care of the association, these are images that obviously help us a lot, to explain why we are here, to fight for others '. If he admits that the image of their son serves the cause of the association, he also confides: ' It's true that when you see these images, it gets stuck, it stings '.

An emotional show

A very strong emotion seized the set of It starts today and Faustine Bollaert, also very touched, added with great kindness ' we all have an intimate connection with Grégory. We all appropriated your boy '. Still very moved, Laurence Lemarchal thus recalled the message of hope carried by her son: ' In any case, that's what he wanted to convey... He noticed it, it's a wonderful face of hope and Just because you have a health problem, whatever it may be, doesn't mean you should refrain from dreaming and doing everything to make your dreams come true. This is Gregory's message '.