VIDEO - David Douillet dad of Blanche: his wife Vanessa is ironic about his education

The former judoka's wife, David Douillet, shared an unpublished video of their daughter on her Instagram account. She thus reveals certain details of the education of the little Blanche, aged 6 years.

  VIDEO - David Douillet dad of Blanche: his wife Vanessa is ironic about his education

The former judoka, David Douillet, and his wife Vanessa are used to sharing small moments of their daily life and their family life on social networks. This Wednesday, October 5, the former municipal councilor of Bourg-en-Bresse, who has become a hypnotherapist, published a funny little video of their daughter, Blanche, on his Instagram account. These short images reveal some details about their child's upbringing.

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Vanessa Douillet shares a moment of their daily life

David and Vanessa have been married since 2017, together they had a daughter, Blanche, born in September 2016. The woman who describes herself as ' Working mum 'in her Instagram bio,' working mom ' in French, shares a video of her child. At just 6 years old, the little girl has already got what she loves. In the images posted by her mom, she is having lunch... Blanche Douillet is sitting on the ground and she is enjoying a hamburger and fries, all accompanied by soda from a very popular fast food chain while watching a cartoon. Vanessa Douillet quotes in the video: ' Coca ', ' Sitting on the ground ', ' Eating in front of the TV , ' Frites ' and in the caption of the post, she concludes in a humorous tone: ' What's your Perfect Mother thing? '. In the comments, Vanessa Douillet's subscribers get caught up in the game and then share all their little mom tips.

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David Douillet also reveals the time he spends with his family

The former judoka is well known to the general public and appears on television, as recently in Dance with the stars , and he has a habit of revealing certain tender moments that he shares with his little family. Pretty photos where he plays the princess with his daughter or romantic memories with his wife . On his Instagram account, he also shares videos with his entire tribe. He shows up, for example, on Sunday mornings dancing with Blanche on his shoulders or getting his hair done and even made up by his children - he was previously married to Valérie - and those of Vanessa.

David Douillet very present on television

Although David Douillet and his partner Karina Patchett were eliminated from Dancing with the stars 2022 from the first prime, fans of the former judoka were also able to find him on the show Traitors on M6, accompanied by his dear and tender, Vanessa. He also participated in the very first season of Mask Singer in 2019. He wore the Lion mask and he remained in the competition until the semi-final, where he was eliminated.