Victoria Beckham: her luxury brand would be very indebted

Since 2008, Victoria Beckham has been at the head of a fashion brand that bears her name. If its designs are celebrated by fashionistas, it would seem that they do not meet the support of the general public since the label would be in debt of several million euros.

  Victoria Beckham: her luxury brand would be very indebted

54 millions . It is in pounds sterling the cumulative amount of the debts of the brand of victoria beckham according to the figures of Mirror , the famous British tabloid. Another proof of the poor health of the label: certain collections of the label are currently sold until -70% on the website of declawed The Outnet ! This isn't the first time the former Spice Girls' fashion empire has come under threat. In April 2021, victoria beckham gave a long interview to Emily Sheffield, of the British daily Evening Standard . She already explained there that the financial impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on his label would make him reconsider the prospect of presenting fashion shows during the upcoming Fashion Weeks. If these colossal debts are enough to worry professionals in the sector, they do not prevent Victoria Beckham from continuing to promote her brand on social networks. Until when ? To be continued...

Victoria Beckham in 1997

How did Victoria Beckham become Posh of the Spice Girls?

Victoria Beckham was born on April 17, 1974. , in the county of Essex, England. Her mother is a former hairdresser. His father works as an electronics engineer. After high school, she joined the Laine Theater Arts, Epsom, to learn dance and practice modeling. She eventually turned to music, joining a group called Persuasion .

After auditioning for a commercial in The Stage, she formed with Melanie Chisholm, Melanie Brown, Emma Bunton et Geri Halliwell a girl band: the Spice Girls . In 1996, success knocked on their door: the title Wannabe ranks first in sales in no less than 31 countries. Victoria Beckham then becomes 'Posh' — a nickname that still follows her today. 'I was Posh because I wore chic clothes [...], I liked good restaurants and I looked unpleasant. [...] I had to invent an attitude and that did I find it.' In 1998, Geri Halliwell left the group, but it was not until 2007 that its members decided to officially part ways. This will not prevent Victoria Beckham from starting a solo career.

Victoria Beckham in 2007 on the streets of London

How did she develop her passion for fashion?

His real passion? The clothes and the high fashion . In 2003, she became muse for Dolce & Gabbana , then Muse for Marc Jacobs . She begins to collect luxury pieces like Hermès handbags, the famous Birkin model in mind. Encouraged by former Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller, she launched dVb , her brand, in 2008, which later became Victoria Beckham. The idea? To offer collections that are both sober and minimalist. It is a success, so much so that Sarah Jessica Parker or even Oprah Winfrey seize his creations. In November 2011, she received a British Fashion Award and appeared on the cover of three magazines Vogue . In 2014, she inaugurated a boutique in London before moving on to the opening of more than 500 points of sale all over the world in the following years. Since 2019, she offers with Victoria Beckham Beauty beauty products not tested on animals, with clean compositions and eco-responsible packaging.

Victoria Beckham at one of her fashion shows in New York in 2017

Who are his best supporters?

A businesswoman in her own right, Victoria Beckham didn't need a man to become famous. Which did not prevent him from falling in love with David Beckham , famous football player of the British team. The couple got engaged in 1998, and said 'yes' the following year. On D-Day, she wears an XXL satiny meringue dress, while her husband opts for an immaculate suit with a knee-length jacket. Together they have four children: Brooklyn, Romeo, Cruz et Harper . A tribe always present in the front row when Victoria Beckham organizes her fashion shows in London or New York. The best way to support the designer whose brand has been struggling for several years. So much so that according to daily figures Daily Mail , the label would have lost 46 million pounds (i.e. 53 million euros). This does not prevent Victoria Beckham from persevering and continuing to design, season after season, the cutting-edge collections that characterize her brand. In addition, on social networks, and more particularly Instagram, Victoria Beckham does not hesitate to show that behind her smooth image of a serious woman hides in reality a much more complex personality – funny and stuffed with second degree. But also a loving, proud and caring mother, as in the marriage of his son Brooklyn Beckham to Nicola Peltz and April 2022 .