Victoria Beckham dares the Cinderella dress in the middle of the street

On Wednesday October 12, 2022, Victoria Beckham was seen on the streets of New York in a satin dress. Day or night, Posh is definitely the style princess.

 Victoria Beckham dares the Cinderella dress in the middle of the street

victoria beckham , former pop singer, designer, businesswoman and fashion icon, has several strings to her bow. All the looks that the former Spice Girls tests are to be copied with your eyes closed.

Victoria Beckham in robe bleue

In short, everything she touches becomes gold and that's why she launched her own brand in 2008. The label even paraded for the first time in Paris during Paris Spring-Summer Fashion Week. A show full of transparency and delicacy, attended by all members of the Beckham family. A real success for the Briton, whose creations are often talked about, and even more so when they are worn by Victoria Beckham herself. It was in New York on Wednesday, October 12, 2022 that Posh made her last fashion appearance. In the middle of the day, the former star singer of the 90´s was seen going to an appointment in a satin blue dress from its spring-summer 2023 collection. This cut piece unstructured reminded that of the Disney character Cinderella by its pastel color and its satin material. In addition, the star wore a modern pair of vair slippers, sparkly ankle boots with stiletto heels. Who better than Posh to embody a princess of style?

The long tuxedo: a fashion solution against the cold

Victoria Beckham in long blazer

It's fall, it's cold and you want to be able to enjoy the elegance of a tuxedo a little more satin ? Victoria Beckham has the solution. Simply turn your black jacket into a long coat . Noticed in the streets of New York on Tuesday, October 11, this is the piece that Victoria Beckham, a good trendsetter, chose to enhance her ultra low-cut green dress. Yet another outing placed under the sign of elegance for the designer. 'Fashion is so many things, it's inspiring, it's vibrant, but at the end of the day, it's just incredibly rewarding,' says Victoria Beckham on her brand's website. Well said !