Victoires de la Musique 2022: Angèle 'waffles', Roselyne Bachelot boo, Laury Thilleman and Olivier Minne criticized ...

Glitter, glamor and songs! The Victoires de la Musique rewarded French artists and musicians of the moment live from the Seine Musicale on February 11. Despite a duo of animators deemed 'bad' by Internet users, and a disappointment on the side of the Minister of Culture, the ceremony offered its share of true and strong emotions...

  Victoires de la Musique 2022: Angèle"gaufre", Roselyne Bachelot huée, Laury Thilleman et Olivier Minne critiqués...

The performances and award ceremonies followed on February 11 at the Seine Musicale. For his 37th ceremony , them Music Victories did not do things by halves: as honorary president, Stromae offered his return with his title Health. Festive atmosphere (almost) pre-Covid, and two, three tears of emotion punctuated the great event of French music, despite a few hiccups all the same.

Starting with the pair formed by Olivier Minne and Laury Thilleman , which did not really appeal to the public. After a first attempt with Stéphane Bern last year, Miss France 2011 confirmed her 'trop ​​over duo' at the presentation, says The Parisian . The beauty queen also amused Internet users a lot when she tried everything to interact with Jacques Dutronc, guest of honor . A waste of time, the 78-year-old singer has remained true to himself...

Immediately after the performance of 'Orelsan (who is walked away with no less than three Victories) , the two hosts welcomed Roselyne Bachelot . And the 'government in the face of the health crisis' effect was not long in coming...' We celebrate music and live, on France 2. We are happy to live this moment with the Minister of Culture, Madame Roselyne Bachelot, who is with us', launched Olivier Minne, under the boos and whistles from the congregation . A moment of tension that Laury Thilleman swept away with a microphone.

We will nevertheless note the and sacre of Clara Luciani, female artist of the year, who also won album of the year with her opus called Heart, and the coronation of Barbara Right , voted Revelation of the Year after his masterful stint at the Eurovision .

Complete list of the 37th Victoires de la Musique

  • Female Artist of the Year: Clara Luciani
  • Male Artist of the Year: Orelsan
  • Audiovisual creation: Orelsan with never show that to anyone
  • Original Song of the Year: The smell of gasoline from Orelsan
  • Female Revelation: Barbara Pravi
  • Male Revelation: Dark Earth
  • Album of the Year: Heart by Clara Luciani
  • Most Streamed Album: Female Artist (Aya Nakamura with AYA) and Male Artist (SCH with JVLIVSII )
  • Honorary Victory: Jacques Dutronc
  • Concert of the Year Winner: Ben Mazué with Paradis Tour

Jacques Dutronc honored

The organization of the ceremony put the famous French artist in the spotlight... The 'Old Canaille' Jacques Dutronc received a 'Victory of honor 'for the whole of his career. Still very active, the 78-year-old singer has also planned to return to the stage soon accompanied by his son Thomas Dutronc for a long duo tour .

Stromae named Honorary President

He was chosen to succeed Jean-Louis Aubert. After his big comeback on television on TF1 last January 10, Stromae was designated as President of the 37th edition of the Victoires de la Musique . The ceremony organizers announced the good news on February 2 on the event's official Twitter account. ' We are pleased to inform you that Stromae will be the Honorary President of the 37th edition of the Victoires de la Musique' , can we read. An announcement that delighted internet users and fans of the 36-year-old Belgian artist.

At the top of the nominations this year, we find the rapper Orelsan and Clara Luciani (four categories each). But the cards are likely to be redistributed with the choice of the public, who can also vote now for their favorite artists...

When did the Victoires de la Musique 2022 take place?

The 37th Victoires de la Musique took place on February 11th to the Musical Seine , situated at Boulogne-Billancourt , at the gates of Paris.

The evening was broadcast live on France 2 with Laury Thilleman and Olivier Minne at the presentation , as well as on top France Inter in the company of Rebecca Manzoni .

Who were the nominees for the Victoires de la Musique 2022?

Check out the full list of nominees:

Male artists:

  • Julien Dore
  • Fire! Chatterton
  • Orelsan

Female artists:

  • Juliet Armanet
  • Hoshi
  • Clara Luciani

Album of the Year:

  • Burn the fire by Juliette Armanet
  • Civilisation by Orelsan
  • Heart by Clara Luciani
  • Geography of the void by Hubert-Felix Thiéfaine
  • clay palace of fire! Chatterton

Original Song of the Year:

  • Brussels I love you by Angela
  • The last day of disco by Juliette Armanet
  • The smell of gasoline by Orelsan
  • new world of fire! Chatterton
  • Breathe again by Clara Luciani
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Gig of the year:

  • Herve
  • Ben Mazu's
  • Woodkid

Audiovisual creation:

  • Brussels I love you, video clip of Angèle signed by Julien Malègue and Antoine Mayet
  • The rest , video clip of Clara Luciani signed Alice Rosati
  • never show that to anyone , documentary on Orelsan by Clément Cotentin and Christophe Offenstein

Most streamed albums:

  • There is by Aya Nakamura

Male revelations:

  • Black Dog
  • World
  • Terrenoire

Female revelations:

  • The Empress
  • Barbara Right
  • Silly Boy Blue

How do I vote for the Victoires de la Musique?

Most votes come from a college of voters , made up of 900 people, music industry professionals and 'non-industry' members, all carefully recruited.

And the public also has a say, as they can vote for the following three categories: original song, concert and audiovisual creation of the year, directly via the website of france televisions . To you clicks!

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Who has received the most Victoires de la Musique?

Since their inception in 1985 by Antenna 2 , the Victoires de la Musique rewarded a multitude of artists. But some won more statuettes than others... At the top of the statuette charts, with 13 wins each , are the musicians Mathieu Chedid and Alain Bashung . Johnny Hallyday heels them with no less than 10 wins , followed by Alain Souchon and his 9 awards . Vanessa Paradis paves the way for female artists with 7 awards . Then Jean-Jacques Goldman , Patricia Kaas , Orelsan, Renaud , and Zazie have all respectively obtained 6 wins throughout their career.