Véronique Sanson 'furious' against 'a great gentleman' of show business: her son tells in Télématin

Véronique Sanson, an animal lover, dared to stand up to a 'great gentleman' from show business who abused her dog. His son, Christopher Stills, recounted the scene in Télématin…

  Veronique Sanson"furieuse" contre "un grand monsieur" du  show-business : son fils raconte dans Télématin

Veronique Sanson has always been an animal lover. The artist who has a dog does not hesitate when it comes to defending four-legged companions in distress. While the 73-year-old singer was invited with her son, singer-songwriter Christopher Stills, on the set of Telematin on November 2, he recounted the day when his mother had taken, at all costs, the defense of an animal . That evening, he attended a dinner with his mother bringing together actors and other stars of show business. A ' big middle man 'had disembarked late, accompanied by his' very pretty 'Labrador... whom he mistreated throughout the meal.

Véronique Sanson: her 'magnificent gesture' with a star's labrador

' The producer picks up the dog and says, 'You don't get on the table. He takes it violently, gets up from the table , he puts the dog in the corner ', detailed the son of Véronique Sanson, while she listened to her tell her story. At the time, the interpreter of Seras-tu là could not bear the injustice of this scene. So she had taken matters into her own hands...boldly!

In Telematin , Christopher Stills continued his story, addressing his mother: ' You get up, everyone stops talking. You say nothing, you stare overwhelmingly at this guy... to be cut with a knife. You bend down and with your hand, you take the steak he had just ordered. And you look at the dog with a big smile and you throw him the steak. A wonderful gesture. And then you turn to the guy and say, 'How cute is your dog! I love dogs, thanks for bringing it '. Véronique Sanson was therefore the heroine of the evening!

Faced with her son's story, Véronique Sanson provided some clarification: ' I don't really remember. I was furious because I hate when animals are treated badly. And he had been really very very hard with his dog, he had given him a slap , he spoke badly to her. For me it was unbearable. But I don't remember who it was '.

Véronique Sanson: the day we shot her cat

In 2002, Véronique Sanson had a real fright with his cat . At the time, a man residing on a barge on the banks of the Seine had shot the singer's feline, according to The Parisian . He wanted to put an end to the animals intruding on his barge. The son of the ex-companion of Michel Berger had filed a complaint against the bad guy for ' carrying of weapons prohibited ' and ' animal cruelty '. The man had finally had to pay for the veterinary care that was necessary for the singer's cat.

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