Véronique Sanson: back on the life of the eternal lover

Indestructible singer (she overcame a heart attack and meningitis, continued to play the piano despite wrist fractures and bravely fought throat cancer), between musical happiness and heartache, Véronique Sanson is a beloved icon of the French.

  Véronique Sanson: a look back at the life of the'éternelle Amoureuse

Véronique Sanson, with a V for 'victory'. Renée Sanson and Colette Sanson, parents of Véronique, married in 1945 after the Liberation of France. These two very active members of the Resistance during the Second World War decided to give their two daughters first names beginning with the V for 'victory'. So it will be Violaine and Véronique. Véronique was born on April 24, 1949 in Boulogne-Billancourt into a family of music lovers.

The latest information on Véronique Sanson

Véronique Sanson, Everything for music

Very small, Véronique and Violaine sit at the piano, Véronique never leaves him again. His musical and romantic encounter with Michel Berger in 1971 was decisive for the start of his career. His first album in love revealed it to the public in 1972. The success was dazzling and quickly earned him a double gold record. But France no longer seems to satisfy the 23-year-old, who takes a one-way ticket to the USA without telling anyone, for live a romance with guitarist Stephen Stills, lead singer of the American folk rock band Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young . The young girl drops Michel Berger and his budding career. The couple, madly in love, gave birth to Chris in 1974. Véronique, a young mother, was living her long-awaited American dream. There she records her album Vancouver .

Véronique Sanson: her ' Funny life '

The early 1980s were marked by her return to France and her difficult and painful divorce from Stephen Stills. The violence and addictions of the rocker scare Véronique Sanson. She herself drowns her worries in alcohol, hoping to forget this disastrous relationship. The 80s sounded like a musical renaissance for the Frenchwoman. In 1985, she returned to the Olympia, her favorite venue. In 1989, she lives, alongside Jean-Jacques Goldman , Michel Sardou, Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday the first tour of Motherfuckers for the benefit of Restos of the Heart .

Véronique Sanson facing her demons

She gets her first music victory in 1993 with his album Without regrets . On June 11, 1995, she marries comedian Pierre Palmade, before splitting up six years later. Véronique Sanson's sister explains to the JDD that she suffered seriously from this separation: ' This failure devastated her. I was afraid of losing her. I really thought she was going to kill herself.' Alcohol problems still haunt the singer, who feels compelled to take a break from her musical career.

Véronique Sanson: her slow rebirth

Véronique returns, stronger than ever, in September 2004, with the album Long distance . His incessant passion for music is rewarded with a Honorary Music Victory for his entire career in 2013. Nothing seems to stop Véronique Sanson when it comes to song. His tour The American Years , which began in January 2015, with 30 concerts and 9 evenings at the Olympia, has met with great success. Her fans can therefore find her in her beloved room, sitting at her piano, leather jacket over her shoulders and a smile that says a lot about her happiness to be on stage.

Véronique Sanson, struck by the  cancer

At the end of 2018, Véronique Sanson was affected by a terrible gorge cancer . The interpreter of Song about my funny life is diagnosed with tonsil tumor. She cancels several concerts, has to fight a long and difficult fight to overcome the disease. She then confides this to the microphone of RTL: ' I said to myself that I had had an absolutely wonderful life with its ups and downs and that it was normal, she affirmed. It didn't scare me too much. What pained me was not seeing spring again .' After six weeks of radiotherapy , the 70-year-old artist does not 'know if she is cured', she declares herself to be 'a survivor' and resumed her tour on April 3, 2019 in Tours.

Véronique Sanson: her lasting romance

Véronique Sanson was supported by her companion Christian Meilhan. According Closer , she believes that her new companion is her ' lifeguard-rescuer-thinker, who saved me a thousand times from drowning with her magical smiles and her unimaginable understanding of lost souls .. This discreet and simple man has delighted the singer for more than ten years... The calm after the storm of love.

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