Véronika Loubry, 54, reveals her anti-wrinkle secret that she finds 'super effective'

Véronika Loubry revealed, without taboo, her secret to looking younger at 54 years old. She loves this aesthetic medicine procedure to fight the signs of aging.

  Véronika Loubry, 54, reveals her anti-wrinkle secret'elle trouve "super efficace"

While some stars are totally against the plastic surgery and other anti-aging procedures, Véronika Loubry succumbed to Botox and don't hide it.

Véronika Loubry admits to loving Botox

During a question and answer session with her subscribers on Instagram on March 13, Véronika Loubry answered many questions without taboo. While an Internet user asks him if 'botox is effective “Against the signs of age, the French star gave his candid opinion.” I say that when it's done well, it's super effective', she confided, thus admitting to having already resorted to injections of Botox . The former TV host specifies all the same that she wants to remain natural, thus warning against the abuse of surgery and cosmetic surgery . 'What I don't like is when there are no more wrinkles at all, when there is no longer anything that moves. There are many who like it when there are no more no wrinkles at all. I do botox i want to be able to move ', she added without filter. The mother of model Thylane Blondeau does not hesitate to praise the merits of Botox. ' It's effective, it makes you look good. In fact, you have to be careful because it blocks the muscle, so you can't move, but when it's done well I find it very nice. It's my opinion', she explained to her 187,000 fans on Instagram.

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Véronika Loubry reveals her anti-aging secrets

If she uses effects of Botox to reduce wrinkles , Véronika Loubry still displays, at the age of 54, a radiant face that she owes to an effective anti-aging routine. His favorite product? The Rexaline X-Treme Renovator Anti-Aging Regenerating Cream which 'nourishes, firms and tones for luminous skin', she told the site Rexaline . ' This is the first care cream with which I have had extraordinary feedback in terms of hydration. I am particularly addicted to the X-Treme Renovator Rich cream! “, concluded Véronila Loubry who displays an always resplendent beauty.

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