Venetian blond: light, coppery, natural... All the shades to adopt

What exactly is strawberry blonde? What are the differences with red? How to go strawberry blonde without missteps? How to maintain this hair color at home? We will explain everything to you.

  Venetian blond: light, coppery, natural... All the shades to adopt

Sometimes called the Strawberry blonde , strawberry blond is a hair color worn by many stars, whether their mane is natural or colored. Jessica Chastain, Emma Stone and Amy Adams are some of the beauty inspirations to copy if you want to go strawberry blonde in style. This coloring with a healthy glow effect adapts to any hair, provided you choose the right shade and the right care at home.

What is strawberry blond?

Venetian blond oscillates between red and blond since it is a base for Red hair with blonde highlights. It takes its name from the Italian Renaissance, when this shade was obtained with a coloring powder made from saffron, lemon and rhubarb juice, left to warm in the sun to obtain copper reflections.

What is the difference between redhead and strawberry blonde?

If its name suggests the opposite, the Venetian blond is indeed part of the redhead family since it is the lightest tone of the redhead, approaching the blond. As for redheads, Venetian blond goes perfectly with women with fair skin and eyes, offering a hair color bright and sunny. Result: a guaranteed healthy glow!

What hair color for strawberry blonde?

If it is perfect on fair skin and eyes, the strawberry blonde adapts to all skin tones and hair types. Matte skin, diaphanous complexion, pronounced curls or baguette straightening: this color suits everyone! The only requirement: choosing the right shade of strawberry blonde , which should be selected according to skin tone. Thus, fair skin can try strawberry blonde with a light red base embellished with highlights. blond luminous. Conversely, those who have the tanned skin will look to a dark red base with warm, golden blonde highlights to best compliment their skin tone.

What does a natural strawberry blonde look like?

If you naturally have strawberry blond, you have fair skin and light eyes (blue, green).

What does a copper strawberry blond?

Similar to Copper hair, this shade is achieved by adding copper highlights to the red base of the hair. Blonde highlights are often golden to compliment the copper.


What does a dark strawberry blonde look like?

This is the shade to choose if you are naturally brunette and want to transition smoothly to strawberry blonde.

What does a light strawberry blonde look like?

Having fair skin will be necessary to switch to this shade without missteps, because a dark complexion will clash with the luminosity of the coloring.​​​​​​​


What does an ash strawberry blonde look like?

This strawberry blonde ash version offers a cool tone to the hair that will deliver a soft, wearable red. Perfect for a smooth transition to strawberry blonde.

What does a red strawberry blonde look like?

Those who want to become a flamboyant redhead while bringing relief and shine to their mane can turn to red strawberry blonde, without hesitation.

​​​​​​​ How to get strawberry blonde hair on brunettes?

Your strategy for going strawberry blonde depends on your base color. The lighter your hair, the easier the color will be to apply. . THE brunes should not be discouraged, but only arm themselves with patience. Before moving on to the pose of the Venetian blonde, the darker ones will have to face a discoloration , aggressive step.

How to maintain your Venetian blonde?

After coloring, the care to be given at home is essential to maintain and prolong the strawberry blond. Shampoos for colored hair, nourishing masks, vegetable oil baths: hydration is the watchword, especially if you have gone through a discoloration . Finally, a regular visit to the hairdresser will be necessary to avoid roots and restore radiance to your Venetian blonde.