Vanessa, the photographer candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

Photographer, Vanessa likes to share her recipes with lovers of sweets. At the Meilleur Pâtissier, she will be able to show the extent of her talent to professional chefs.

  Vanessa, the photographer candidate for the Best Pastry Chef 2022

The 11th edition of Best Pastry Chef welcomes a blogger who knows how to present her creations. Meet Vanessa!

What is Vanessa's background?

Vanessa is the business manager of a communication agency. At 41, the Alsatian knows how to showcase herself perfectly. Mother of two children, this “uninhibited pastry chef”, as she likes to define herself, is fearless. A true photography enthusiast, she sublimates her pastries and has been sharing her recipes on a blog for years. Sweet recipes, basic recipes, easy recipes, savory recipes... She guides her readers step by step in 'Vanessa's recipes', to concoct beignets chocolate, mannalas, chakchoukas or Saint-Tropez pies. She even now has a YouTube channel to bake on video! Competitive, meticulous and a perfectionist, Vanessa is not afraid of challenges. That's good, she will need a good dose of temerity to withstand the pressure under the tent of the Best Pastry Chef. Coming from Kintzheim, she will have to show composure and originality to convince Cyril Lignac and Mercotte to go all the way, and why not win the cup.

His world of pastry

Classic but effective! This is how one could sum up Vanessa's pastry art. She can try strawberry basil tartlets with a crispy sweet almond and lime dough, a gourmet almond cream, a strawberry confit with vanilla, lime and a basil whipped ganache. Then she can make a blueberry tart, a chocolate caramel entremets or a very beautiful orange blossom raspberry pistachio cake. But it also does a lot in simple gourmet recipes such as jam donuts, cookies, brioches or macaroons, and even caramel. One thing is certain: Vanessa has a penchant for chocolate. Chocolate madeleines, marshmallow bears, a chocolate zebra cake… You can even discover its sweet cocoa paste, instead of the classic sweet paste used for pies. And don't miss her chocolate angel cake: an ultra soft sponge cake that she made with a chocolate ganache and a pretty decoration. Let's be honest: everything makes us want to!

What is Vanessa's Instagram for Best Pastry Chef?

We told you: Vanessa is passionate about photography. His Instagram account @ Vanessa_Carraro_LMP11 therefore highlights its pastries very well. The content creator magnifies her sumptuous cakes, and that is enough to feed her page. Solely focused on her achievements, and not her daily life, she will make your mouth water...